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This is just a patch for rxkx22's Bijin Sylgja to wear her High Poly Vanilla Hair instead of the KS hairdo. You need the original mod (Bijin Wives or Bijin Sylgja) or it won’t work at all.

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The same thing I've done before, it's Sylgja with her vanilla hair (high poly version) instead of the KS hair that the bijin mod uses to look more in line with skyrim's vanilla art style. 

Requires Bijin Wives by rxkx22 of course or it won't work - you can either use the full bijin wives or just Sylgja, it doesn't matter. This mod just replaces her head mesh and has no esp.


Herowynne for the tutorial that initially helped me understand the process. Note: She had two hair meshes in the original mod, so in order to get it to work properly I had to give her two hairlines (I chose hairline because its lower poly than the hair I think). Just saying to help anyone who is trying this process on their own.

rxkx22 for bijin wives.

High Poly Vanilla Hair by  Macxhiin - For the hairdo

BTW in the screenshots im using the real lore skins for my dude, and noblesse oblige for the rich outfits. I also added a pic of what she looks like if youre using dirt and blood with the dirt based on profession option enbaled and the higher res texture replacer for that mod.