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A patch to add tags to Summermyst items and effects for Valdacil's Item Sorting mod.

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About this mod
This mods adds compatibility for Valdacil's Item Sorting by valdacil to Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim mod by EnaiSiaion by adding tags to inventory items and magic effects.

Note: this is a beta version, because I haven't yet tested some enchantments that add powers to the player (and thus not sure if I should tag any powers or not). So if you notice a power untagged, please report back and I will tag it.

Supported mod versions:
Valdacil's Item Sorting v. 3.12.27
Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim v3.0SSE

Tags added
Enchanted Armor: all enchanted armor tagged according to VIS armor tagging conventions. Note: I didn't tweak hoods and helms to be usable with circlets. Maybe I will do it later.
Enchanted Weapons: all enchanted weapons tagged according to VIS weapon tagging conversions.
Magic effects: all enchantment effects that show up in magic "Active Effects" tab tagged as |Enchantment|

Make sure you have Valdacil's Item Sorting and Summermyst installed.
NMM users: download the file with "Download with Manager" button. Install normally.
Manual installation: extract the archive and drop the .esp file it contains into your Skyrim Special Edition /data folder

Load Order
VisPatch-Summermyst.esp should be loaded after both Summermyst.esp and ValdacilsItemSorting.esp to properly overwrite enchantments and item names.