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Improved the narrative of Fishing questline with new voiced dialogues carefully generated by xVASynth2.

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Fishing added by Anniversary Edition is a nifty addition to Skyrim, with a fun and adorably written questline despite the lack of new voice acting. Still, the reused generic lines simply can't give proper justice to the well thought characters and questline. With xVASynth2 and the love for these charming characters, I've brought to you Fishing - Voiced Narrative.

- New greeting dialogues for the main cast of Fishing questline: Swims-in-Deep-Water & Viriya. It's only fair that they deserve to have something to say outside of the questline.
- Bad uses of generic lines are replaced with new lines that reflect the personality of characters and the narrative better.
- New lines were written with careful consideration of the existing lore and notes from the content, nothing should feel too overboard.
- Voiced dialogues generated by xVASynth2, many hours were spent to make sure the voices sound as natural as possible. I'm aware xVASynth2 is not perfect, which is why the scope of this mod won't be extended to complex dialogue branch.

(Showcase displays old version.)



Bethesda Game Studios for the free content and whoever poured their heart into making it.
DanRuta for xVASynth2

To further enhance Fishing narrative, I strongly recommend EMPEROR - Giant Crab Overhaul

Is xVASynth bad?
xVASynth is only bad when voiced lines were carelessly generated without adjustment, or using outdated version of xVASynth. While the current version is far from perfect, xVASynth has come to the point where good voiced lines can be indistinguishable from vanilla voice acting. Fingers crossed that I will update these voiced lines when even more up to date models are available.

But some lines are spoken too fast, some also lack appropriate emotion!
And so does many voiced lines in vanilla game.

Is this ESL-flagged (ESPFE)?

Is this compatible with Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patches?

Yes, and it will remain so in the future.

Is this compatible with my face overhaul mod that change the same NPCs from this mod?
Yes, my mod only change dialogue records, NPCs are left intact.

Will this break my save?
This mod mainly edited dialogue records that already existed. It's safe to install mid game; removing it will just revert everything back to vanilla lines.

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