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An archer deer follower for all your adventures

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Requires BD Ungulates and its requirements
-T'zereon is a ranger/archer companion and attempts to keep distance on engagements.
-Has a custom bow to go along with him. You can take it from him to use yourself, but why would you steal?
-He only wears light armor (is scripted to auto-unequip any heavy armor)
-He will provide support for the player. When the player falls under 40% health, he will attempt to use 'Nature's Cry' to give the player and allies a brief swing speed increase while staggering or fearing foes for a moment. Only occurs every 2 minutes.
-Located at the Bee and Barb

This is my first mod and he will very much need tweaks and balancing done. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to run tests and see how he performs on a standard playthrough. In fact, I made the mod during isolation for two weeks and have since been too busy ever since to upload it until now. Do let me know if there are issues that appear or any suggestions for him.

Possible plans in the future:
-Custom armor/headdresses and a custom bow
-Modified or custom dialog to fit his role more
-Potential bonuses when he is following such as picking ingredients for the player or making a useful potion
-Other followers using Ungulate races

Current Issues:
-Headwear/Helmets may clip badly. This usually comes form the Ungulates mod helmet shapes being overwritten (commonly seen when running with Furry Age of Skyrim or any other race mods that do so). This is partially the reason I may make a custom helmet or prevent any helmets from being equipped.
-May need AI tweaks or rebalancing
-When you first recruit him, he may not be properly equipping the bow (witnessed during testing). Getting him to attack an enemy with melee seems to get him back to using the bow correctly.

(Mods used in the screenshot: ENB - Silent Horizons, Diamond Smithing Complete (Bow & Arrows), TAWOBA Extended + Bandolier (Armor) )