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About this mod

Provides a messagebox with beneficial NPC Stats via additional dialogue at your follower.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
While developed with [CK] on [AE engine 1.6.353]
there should be no issue with [SE engine 1.5.97] or even older.

Compatibility with Fonts
The Messagebox text was formatted while employing vanilla font ["Futura Condensed" Normal].
Since that is a proportional font - another font employed - might have an impact on format.

Since this Mod is 'Light Weight'
  • You can install/uninstall it whenever you want.
  • Load Order within your Mod Sequence should be no big deal either.

Set font sensitive format
Basically two options here...
  • Permanent : Before installation - change Global <kvdFont> in ESL with SSEEdit
  • In-game : Change Global with console <set kvdFont to x> 
Three predefined settings
  • Vanilla : kvdFont  = 0 (default) 
  • Sovngarde : kvdFont  = 1
  • Dear Diary : kvdFont  = 2

Dialogue condition
An additional dialogue option (Let's look at your profile...) occurs if NPC is at least ACQUAINTANCE and Not Sleeping and
  • in PotentialFollowerFaction or
  • in PlayerFollowerFaction or
  • PlayerTeamMate or
  • in kvdFollowerList.

Shows MessageBox with a whole bunch of Stats
  • Top nine skills

Compatibility with custom (+DLC) followers
Most popular custom followers...
  • kvdFollowerList {Inigo, Lucien, Serana, Sofia}