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Plugins for Mod Organizer with special functionality for crash logs, including labeling of known function addresses and a convenient GUI viewer.

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These are plugins for Mod Organizer that provide extra functionality for the crash logs generated by Crash Logger.


Crash Log Labeler
Attempts to label known addresses in crash logs by looking them up from Address Library Database.

When you start Mod Organizer with the plugin installed, it will pull the database and try to label any crash logs already in your log directory. If your game crashes thereafter, it will label any newly generated crash logs as well. If you wish to restore the original logs, they can be found in the Recycle Bin.


offline_mode (default: false)
Disables automatic updates from the remote database.

Crash Log Viewer
Adds a GUI dialog that allows you to easily access your crash logs.

The tool can be started from the Tool Plugins menu.

Extract crashlogtools to the Mod Organizer plugins directory.

The resulting folder hierarchy should be <MO2 DIR>\plugins\crashlogtools.

Q: Nothing got labeled in my crash logs!
A: Labeling is very dependent on the functions actually being named in the database. It should get better over time as more names are added.

Q: What are the functions called sub?
A: sub is short for "subroutine" and is simply the default name for a function that we haven't given a real name. Sometimes, when reverse engineering, we can figure out what class a function belongs to, so we add the class name but leave the function name as sub.

Q: What about Skyrim VR?
A: Crash Log Viewer can work on Skyrim VR already, but Crash Log Labeler would require some work. It may become available in the future.

Q: What about Vortex?
A: I might get around to making an equivalent someday, but feel free to do it yourself if you want. As of writing this, I'm not familiar with the extensions API.