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Small cozy tower situated in the tundra (Or Solstheim) standing ontop of an island that ripped itself out of the ground. Comes with (Or Without) a ghost follower.

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Small cozy playerhome that is standing ontop of an island that ripped itself out of the ground.

To get started, the door to the tower is locked. There is a skeleton nearby on the ground with a note on it, that will kind of give you a hint of where the key is.

There is a ghost standing in front of the door, you can ask her to follow you and she'll act like a companion, or download the version that removes her.

Comes with all sorts of crafting stations and custom storage.

There are planters scattered around the home, as well as a single mannequin and 2 weapon racks (I hid the mannequin a bit behind some furniture because I know some people get creeped out by them).

The ladder goes 2 ways, look up to go up, and look down to go down.

I also made the exact same tower in Solstheim ontop of a mountain. This was my original idea but I figured noone would download it and so I made it an optional file instead.

Also, don't try to jump off the island, you will die and I will take no responsibility. Have fun :)