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This adds a few new weapons to the crafting menu under the Ebony categorie, namely a large bow, a 1h sword, a dagger, a 1h axe and matching arrows.

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This is my first "original" mod, that I upload to the Nexus for you to have fun with, hopefully. Since I am pretty limited when it comes to meshes, I concentrated on what I partially have some knowledge in, retexturing models that I found on the Nexus and that I got either the direct permission to alter or that were free to use as long as credit is given.

This mod adds a few new weapons to the game that you can craft under the Ebony-categorie as soon as you have the needed materials and the Steel-Smithing-Perk unlocked. All of those weapons share the same theme, which is a carved ornament of a deer and other hunter-like-motifs. Here is what you get in detail:

- a large bow with sight and quiver attached to it
- a large bow with a quiver attached to it
- a large bow without the attachments
- matching arrows
- a one-handed sword with matching scabbard
- a dagger with matching scabbard
- a one-handed boarding axe

The damage-values are the same as with ebony-weapons, so you can use them till the end, basicly :)

I would have loved to include a few more weapons, but unfortunately I didn´t get any permission to use the weapons I would have loved to get my hands on. But, maybe in a future update :)

I also suggest to use this mod for accuracy when it comes to using the sight of the bow:
Proper Aiming by Arindel

Allright, I hope you like my first addition to the awesome selection of mods the Nexus has to offer and maybe play a bit with those weapons. And if you have them pictures to share, I would be very happy to see my stuff in action! :)

If you like this mod, PLEASE ENDORSE it :)


1.1 Added bow-versions without sights and attached quiver (one bow without sight, one bow without sight and quiver)
1.0 Initial Release


The file is standard-packed, so it is recommended that you use the Nexus Mod Manager link above to download and install it

Otherwise, you should extract all files into your ~\Skyrim\Data\ folder

- Delete hunterscarvedarsenal.esp from your data folder
- Delete the folders ~\Skyrim\Data\Meshes\weapons\pyrobowtarta\ and ~\Skyrim\Data\textures\weapons\pyrobowtarta\
- you are done

- add more weapons if I get permission to do so :)

My other mods:

InsanitySorrow for giving permission to use his assets as long as credit is given! You rock, dude! I used assets from:
The Stamford
The Huntsman

DecimusMaximus for giving permission to use his assets as long as credit is given! Much love! I used assets from:
Real Bows

Billyro for giving me the direct permission to use his beautiful Leaf Dagger! Kudos!

Ghosu for opening up his assets to use for the public sicne he quit modding. Thanks for this incredible gift of yours :) I used assets from:
Ghosus Weapon Pack

Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit

Please do not upload this mod to any other sites, THIS IS A NEXUS EXCLUSIVE
If you would like to use parts of this mod to make something new, please contact the authors of the original files first if needed. My permission is granted, as long as don´t sell anything others made for your own work :)
If you want to feature this mod in a video, or upload non-"adult" photos, go right ahead, you already have permission