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Changes gold & silver ingots to be more realistic in terms of size, weight, and value.

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Sound Money - Precious Metals Refined

Ever looked at a gold bar and thought "this seems like way too much gold for such a meager amount of Septims"? Precious Metals Refined aims to change that.

In real life, gold and silver bars are small, dense, and valuable. A gold bar the size of the one in Skyrim would weigh around 6kg. With this mod, you will have a more sensible, balanced approach to the precious metals.


  • Gold and silver ingots are now named "halfweights", which are smaller ingots that weigh 0.5 but otherwise function the same in terms of crafting and such
  • The physical size of the halfweights correspond to the real density of gold and silver, so the silver one is slightly larger than the gold one
  • Gold and silver ingots of the original size are now VERY valuable, with a silver ingot being worth 500 and a gold ingot being worth 2000
  • You can smelt ingots out of 10 silver halfweights and 20 gold halfweights respectively, and vice versa
  • Both halfweights and ingots are distributed to loot lists and placed in the world according to what makes sense
  • You can melt down 110 Septims into a single gold halfweight at a smelter
  • You can use two gold halfweights and a corundum ingot to mint 200 Septims at a smithy

This does several things. If you're playing with a mod that gives weight to Septims, then you have an incentive to carry wealth in gold instead of in coins, as 100 Septims worth of gold will most likely weigh less than the 100 coins themselves. Also, the gold and silver halfweights are harder to spot as world loot, and 'feel' more precious due to their smaller size.


This mod should function just fine with anything that doesn't directly alter the way gold and silver ingots work. If you're using mods that replace the meshes and textures of ingots, then load this mod after.

Recommended mods:

Septim Not Gold - Precious Metals Refined is balanced around the original version of this mod, where 100 Septims weigh 1 weight.


LetTheWookieeWin882 - Inspiration and framework
starz82 - Original meshes and textures