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Added: 25/12/2016 - 09:15AM
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Notice: To see the perks after you level, you've got to open and close the perk menu again. Until there's some way to interject the game before then to know that you've leveled up (a way like SKSE), there's no real way to work around this.

I noticed no one did this yet, so here's a small mod that gives you X amount of perks at X level and above. There are 10 "slots" for this so you can get a different amount of perks for 10 different levels. The mod is currently defaulted at vanilla values (1 perk per level, forever), and you can set it up with the in game menu and configuration spell.

Should be compatible with just about everything, though if you're using one of Ordinator's XX% More Perk optional files, you shouldn't use it with this mod. If you want to, you absolutely can, it won't break, but it's a little redundant.

Also keep in mind that at 255 perks or more unspent, the game will start getting upset with you. Don't go for completely absurd values for perk gains.