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A simple overhaul of Skyrim carriage travel system.

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  • Polish

This is a simple mod that adds variety to vanilla Skyrim carriages by adding some immersive details. The plugin is flagged as ESL and will help you avoid the 255 mods limit.

  • Various breeds of horses for carriages (in the vanilla game only brown breed was used).
  • More diverse outfits for carriage drivers.
  • Increased trip prices (50 gold to major cities and 75 gold to small towns).
  • Added a lot of details to make carriages not so empty and boring.

Possible problems (and how fix them)
  • If the horse staying far from carriage, just fast travel from one place to another. (This usually happens after installing the mod and then load a save game where you standing directly in front of the carriage, one fast travel should fix the problem permanently).
  • If in your dialogue box prices for a trip not correctly displays, then try loading a save in which you have not yet interacted with carriage driver.

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