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Go faster and farther! This lightweight and script-free mod improves rideable horses. Travelling though Skyrim has never been so much fun.

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Realistic and Balanced Horses is a lightweight and script-free mod that improves rideable horses. Travelling though Skyrim has never been so much fun.


* Go faster and farther! Horses can now sprint faster and for longer periods of time. They also recover their stamina more quickly.
* Improved handling! You now have tighter control over your horse when it's sprinting.
* Horses will now avoid danger instead of trying to fight.
* Horses now tread water better.
* This mod affects all rideable horses in the game including unique horses. Compatibility patches are available for other mods.


* Horses that were in your saved game before this mod was installed won't get all of the updates to stamina usage (they won't be able to sprint for as long as this mod intends). However, the horses will still be much better than unmodded. For best compatibility play from a new game, or summon a new version of your horse from the console.


* Horse Whistle SE - compatible (recommended!)
* IHSS - Improved Horse Step Sounds - compatible (recommended!)
* SkyTest - Realistic Animals - use compatibility patch in files section
* Immersive Citizens - Realistic AI - use compatibility patch in files section
* Cutting Room Floor - compatible

Load Order:

SkyTest - Realistic Animals and Predators
Mortal Enemies
Mortal Enemies - Realistic Animals and Predators PATCH
Realistic and Balanced Horses (Main File)
RaBH and STRAP (Compatibility Patch)
RaBH and ICAO (Compatibility Patch)

(Realistic and Balanced Horses is a standalone mod and does not require any other files)


Q: Why does my horse try to walk back home?
A: This mod doesn't change that. That's the default game behavior for horses that aren't yours. They try to walk home.

Q: Why did you make this mod?
A: Unmodded horses felt sluggish and not very useful. They're also dumb. I looked into all the horse mods and none seemed like a good fit for me. So I made my own with a blend of immersion and balance that feels just right.

Q: How is this different from Better Horses?
A: Both mods make different changes to horses in general. Better Horses also adds faction changes to horses, makes them invincible, and gives them infinite stamina. My mod instead has a more realistic and balanced approach. I prefer my mod, but choose whichever one suits you best.