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Gameplay oriented ENB while keeping stunning visuals. Visual vs performance optimisation. Highly stylized with a gloomy, natural and fantasy feel.

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A fairly lightweight preset designed on Picturesque Weathers. Now included with an optional simple reshade using CAS and Clarity to enhance your image. It also contains a DoF shader for a performance-friendly Depth of Field.

And it contains a new Naturesque Addon.  This addon file reverts the fog distance used in picturesque back to the vanilla fog distance on certain type of weathers. All INI's have been adjusted for this and is completely tuned for
Mists of Tamriel or for the use of default. Pick either one.

Requirements & Installation

ENB Series ~ Install only d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll in the main skyrim directory (Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim Special edition)

Then Drag and drop the files from the zip in the folder [Main] Naturesque ENB from my ENB in the main skyrim directory as well. Make sure to delete the old files. More on that in the sticky in the comment section(For further instruction about the ELFX patch / other lighting mods read sticky)

Picturesque Weathers ~ Only download Part 1.) Picturesque - weathers mod. Then download my Naturesque addon file from my page. Two available for either default or Mists of Tamriel. Contains an EVLAS config which sets the it on balanced.

For Mists of Tamriel, tick the subtle
(top one) version in the MCM 

ENB Helper ~ Mandatory for the installation. This is for the multiple use of weathers and a lot of weather types / unique weathers have been tuned individually as well as a lot of individual Interior INI's.

EVLaS ~ For the moon VL and more accurate shadow, sun and moon transition.

Lux ~ For beams and particles choose the one with Author's choice in the fomod discription

Embers XD ~ With Inferno and the Inferno patch from Embers XD OR
 Orange/Red flame if not using Inferno. Later options -> = No red glow + reduced yellow on both cases and all the other addons.

Water for ENB ~ Shades of Skyrim OR Realistic Water Two SE I find RW2 to have way better lods.

Splashes of Storms with Rudy fix for Splashes of Storms ~ Install the ENB Intensity, first option. My ENB is purely tuned with intensity. The appropriate weather ini's have been adjusted to look right.

[Optional] Reshade Installation

This reshade contains a simple edit to use CAS sharpening, Clarity for a bit more oomf on the image and a DoF (Depth of Field) shader. This is meant to be purely used as an optional installation. The choice is yours.

 * To install the reshade just simply pick all the shaders except the legacy ones at the bottom.

 * Make sure that the reshade input is reversed in the reshade menu. This is mandatory for the DoF not to blur menu's anything else nearby. Put it from 1 to 0 at the bottom in the reshade menu like this:

[Optional] Recommended mods

Obsidian Mountain Fogs - Tweaked ~ I chose the main version. The 10% and 20% smaller version are fine too.

Moons and Stars - Sky Overhaul ~ Amazing rework for the moons and stars to look correct

Shooting Stars SE and Rainbows SE ~ Really happy that ToosTruus ported these. A superb addon when using Splashes of Storms

Storm lightning for SSE (Minty Lightning) ~ Awesome addon for the storms. It really adds to the atmosphere of storms. Highly recommended!


SirArindel for the amazing picturesque weather plugin and for allowing me to edit on it's ENB.
LonelyKitsune for the amazing work on the Silent Horizon shaders and allowing me to use it. Plus a lot of thanks for the feedback!
MartyMcFly for the DOF shaders
Rudy for allowing me to use the DOF settings which I tweaked very minorly.

Phoenixfabricio for uploading a nice showcase for my first ever nexus version of my ENB
xxMaxxdx for showcasing his video's on 2 previous updates already

Special thanks to TreyM for helping me out correcting some lighting in both exteriors and interiors. I truly love the way you helped look at things with me. 
Thanks to  grizzy for actively playtesting and giving proper feedback. Thanks a lot!
Also special thanks to LilDingiDongi for helping me out with these awesome screenshots taken at 1440p! You guys are amazing

And thanks to the many Skyrim Discord servers for the feedback and support as you guys have been immensely supportive. To many names to mention. So thanks to all of you! (they know who I mean)