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Highly stylized ENB with a gloomy, natural and fantasy feel. Support for Lux and many DLC sized mod, including Saints and Seducers Extended Cut, Vigilant, Bruma and more!

Permissions and credits


A more natural preset designed on Picturesque Weathers. It has gloomy fogs, rain and storms. Colorful clear and cloudy weathers. Warm interiors and fantasy nights. Completely redone the interior weather system and added all the weather IDs from the picturesque weather and ENB - Patches page for all the added DLC sized mods.

It contains a new Naturesque Addon with added files from Rudy's Required files! (All credits to Rudy). I created an ESP along with it which reverts the fog distance used in picturesque back to the vanilla fog distance on certain type of weathers. This plugin also adds some missing DLC weathers. All INI's have been adjusted for this and is completely tuned for Mists of Tamriel or for the use of default. Pick either one.

DLC Mods and addons covered in the weatherlist


  • Skyrim Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers
  • Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
  • Beyond Reach
  • Immersive Collefe of Winterhold
  • Falskaar
  • Wyrmstooth
  • Darkend
  • Vigilant


Please make sure you delete the enbcache, enbseries, enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini before updating.

  • ENB Series ~ For the ENB to work
  • ENB Helper ~ Mandatory for the multiple weathers to work
  • EVLaS ~ For the moon VL and more accurate shadow, sun and moon transition
  • Moons and Stars ~ For the corrected moon position
  • Picturesque Weathers ~ Only for part 1.) picturesque weather mod. Nothing else.
  • Mists of Tamriel ~ Soft requirement. Don't grab the patch on the Mists of tamriel Page. It's included in the weather addon here.
  • Picturesque Weather ENB - Patches ~ Required if you want to use any of the mods patched for added weathers.
    All the appropriate weather IDs are added within this ENB By default and will not bug out or act weird if you don't want to use any of these mods. This means it's NOT required to have any of the DLC mods. But if you want to use any of them, use the provided patch!
  • Embers XD
  • Pick; Embers XD flames
  • Pick; the standard option
  • Pick; all the addons
  • Pick; any patch you prefer
  • Go to the Lux Via mod page and atleast grab the recources to use Lux. Optionally, but highly recommended, install Lux Orbis
  • Pick; beams - Without effect particles (Author's Choice)
  • Pick; mists and fog - Effect lighting without particles {Author's Choice}
  • The rest is up to you what you prefer

You can use a different interior Lighting mod. The interior INI's have been reduced severely and now mainly run on global paramaters. Which look nice by default. Preferably use ELFX(Shadows)+Enhancer if you don't want to use LUX.  However; I can't guarantee how the outcome will look if you use anything else. Use at your own discretion.

Please make sure your GPU is set on RGB values. And callibrate your monitor. You can simply google how to do so.


  • Make sure you have all the requirements as mentioned above 
  • Download ENB first from the ENB Dev Site. Open the wrapper folder and only grab the d3d11.dll and the d3dcompiler_46e.dll and drag and drop them into \common\skyrim special edition.
  • Download my ENB and then grab the files from the [MAIN ENB] folder first. Drag and drop them in \common\skyrim special edition.
  • Download the [Naturesque Weather Addon - Default] or [Naturesque Weather Addon - Mists of Tamriel] and install with your favorite mod manager. Overwrite everything
  • Make sure SAOEnable=0 and bIBLFenable=0 in skyrimprefs.ini
  • That's it you're done!

Please make sure you delete the enbcache, enbseries, enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini before updating.


This is for a performance setup and a file for no black bars!

  • Please make sure you follow the requirements and installation as normal first.
  • There are two options present in the [OPTIONAL] folder. One is no blackbars version. This will disable the blackbars.
  • Second one is the performance setup. You can use either one or both together. That doesn't mather.
  • For the performance setup, make sure that SAOEnable=1 in skyrimprefs.ini
  • Simply install either or both files in \common\skyrim special edition. Overwrite when prompt.
  • As simple as that!



Version 3.1

  • Now comes with Naturesque Required files for default or for Mists of Tamriel This addon contains a weather addon plugin as well as the required files from Rudy Obsidian, all credits to Rudy!
  • Updated the added plugins to add missing Dawnguard DLC Weathers
  • Added all new mod-DLC weathers found on the Picturesque and ENB - Patches modpage to the weather list. Logically you need these patches if you use any of the mod-DLCs. Includes;  Vigilant weathers, Falskaar weathers, Wyrmstooth weathers, Darkend weathers, Saints and Seducers weathers and weathers added from Immersive College of Winterhold.
  • Interiors completely redone from scratch
  • Removed all interior ini's and re-added interior ini's I deemed most necessary 
  • Retuned the pointlight and ambient light in interiors mainly
  • Removed all the directlight paramaters in interiors
  • Reworked the fire section to compliment the new Embers XD
  • Reworked interior and exterior bloom
  • Reworked tonemapping done in postpass
  • Made the overall ENB look a bit more colorful and vibrant
  • Increased overall contrast and saturation levels
  • Retuned SSAO to compliment all the changes made
  • Increased VL on clear night, clear aurora night, cloudy night and cloudy aurora night
  • Changed the LUT in postpass from Kitsuune - Calm Moor to Kitsuune - Default. You can change it yourself in postpass to a different LUT you prefer
  • Increased the saturation on SubSurfaceScattering (for skin)
  • Added depth of field and tuned accordingly
  • Added lens to have some subtle "lens flare" effects on light sources. I do not deem int intrusive visually
  • Fixed the overbright pointlighting on all weathers. This should make fire-sources look less overblown, especially at night
  • Added all the DLC Sized mod weather IDs in a new file structure called ModDLCWeather
  • Retuned day time for more deeper black tones
  • Added a performance preset
  • Added a non-blackbar setting
  • Added chromatic aberation in postpass
  • Increased the sharpening amount

  • Version 3.0.2
    • *Updated for the latest ENB binaries
    • *Reverted back to the calm-moor lut
    • *Made the overal image a bit more contrasted
  • Version 3.0.1
    • Fixed a wrong compiled upload for 3.0.1. It is fixed now.
    • Quick update: Reduced the moon intensity and aurora intensity on certain weathers so that it doesn't look too overbright.
    • Added a non black bar file.
  • Version 3.0
    • Added a new Naturesque addon containing fog setting changes, changing the distance to the vanilla distance. Making the blue looking mountains a bit less obvious for clear, cloudy and light fog weathers.
    • Switched out calm-moor LUT for default kitsuune LUT, which creates a bit more color
    • Activated SSAO in ENB, which I put to a very light setting. It won't impact as much as any other ENB SSAO, yet it looks better than vanilla AO. I figured it's about time to fully enjoy SSAO
    • Adjusted every INI to work properly with the Naturesque addon, logically
    • For Cloudy, Cloudy Aurora and Light Fog I adjusted the volumetric rays a bit more so it's a bit more prominent and dramatic looking. And light fog has it's fog paramaters about more surrounding the character. But not overdone.
    • Adjusted the distant fog in such a way that it blends with the Horizon as well.
    • Completely removing ELFX and ALT-Lighting version. This is also cus I fucked something up BIGTIME which somehow reverts my enbeffects settings to a completely random setting I've never seen before. And I don't want to waist any more time figuring everything out for everything. So FULL LUX commitment! If you want to use other lighting mods, it will probably look okay. But I have no time or energy to keep them all updated.
    • Completely adjusted for the latest 0.483 update with complexparallax. Including IBL, rainwetsurfaces and Wetsurfaces update.
    • Optional Reshade Addon containing CAS, Clarity and Quint_DoF for a performance friendly DoF
  • Version
    • Lowered the SSAO intensity and increased brightness in ENB itself, for those who use it.
    • Removed the grass collision ini
  • Version 2.5.1
    • Major update for Apocrypha interiors and exteriors. Exterior and interior sky have similar colors and the way lighting works is also tweaked that it fits more together.
    • Yeeted VL settings on some interiors.
    • Adjusted Elder Gleam Sanctuary.
    • Removed DirectLighting intensity in some interiors, including nordic ruins
    • Adjusted interior pointlight and directlight values for the palaces, all the temples, the wretched netch in solstheim and rechecked other interiors.
    • Tweaked the LOTD Hall of Secret.
    • Daytime has adjusted saturation and contrast to compensate for the overbright reflection on white surfaces.
    • Overall brightness increased for interior and exterior.
    • Toned down the curve for dawn and dusk so it looks a lot less dark and transitions better to night/day time.
    • Increased the snowflake brightness on snowy weathers.
    • Removed prepass all together. No point having it in there if it's not used and not planning to use it.
    • Added a simple EVLAS Config by adding balanced performance and max VL range on 120
  • Version 2.5
    • Adjusted night times to be a bit less saturated and more 'moody' to be in style with the rest of the atmosphere
    • Adjusted the interiors for the new LUX update.
    • Added LOTD Support
    • Adjusted night-time settings for light rain for Splashes of Storms to be a little less bright.
    • Forgot to sepperate some ini's to make some halls look a lot better. Sorry!
    • Removed Naturesque addon. Use the patch-hun linked in the description.
  • Version 2.3.7
    • Adjusted the [particle] section for Heavy rain, light rain and pictusque overcast rain INI's to accommedate Splashes of Storms with Rudy's fix.
  • Version 2.3.6
    • Changed the interior fog settings in enbseries.ini. This should "fix" some weird issues when using other lighting mods or vanilla interiors.
  • Version 2.3.5
    • Adjusted the overall RGB colortones. Switched completely to Silent Horizon's Postpass. This allowed for completely stylizing the ENB
    • Added a shit ton of interior edits for LUX
    • Added a simplified ELFX patch
    • Added an addon which changes the region record for 1 specific picturesque unique weather to be solely moved to Solstheim
    • Addon for naturesque also makes the moons half size smaller.
  • Version 2.3.4
    • Added support for ENB ComplexGrass
    • Added support for Water for ENB. New versions downloadable!
  • Version 2.3.3
    • Adjusted ambient light values of clear / cloudy weather types during daytime/sunrise/sunset
    • Adjusted overall contrast and saturation, creating deeper overal shadowtones
    • Changed the adaption values, this will reduce a lot of ambient fog in interiors and adapt more to the environment without them being too bright. (especially for ELFX Shadows)
    • Adjusted the interiors for LUX and ELFX Shadows (+enhancer) a bit darker, warmer and contrasted.
    • Adjusted the SSS to look a bit sharper
    • Added support for complex grass. HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL ATM
    • Adjusted the SSAO settings for users who like to keep it enabled.
    • Added missing weather ID's for multiple weather support
    • Created custom sepperate INI's for uniquely added weathers from Picturesque
    • Lux has Understonekeep added in the Dwarven ruins interior ini
    • Adjusted Skylighting to higher value during day time so that adaption doesn't glitch
    • Adjusted Imagebasedlighting settings to a much lower vallue. Now during overcast weathers (especially fog weathers) the fake sort of "wet" or "glow" effect is gone on objects/vegetation/characters.
    • Adjusted the rainwetsurfaces accordingly to still have the "wet" effect during rainy weathers
    • Adjusted the brightness of rain, so it's a little more visible. Yet not too intrusive.
    • Adjusted nighttime considerably. The moon is a bit brighter, the VL has a subtle adjusted colortone more leaning to words blue/white. The shadowcasting is more contrasted. The godrays are more visible at times. (Really dependant on location and weathertype)
    • Reduced the specularity on interiors and exterios significantly. Less shine, but metal types still look like metal.
    • Adjusted the cloud settings under sky. Changed the curve, transparancy and intensity. All and all to blend a bit better with the sky.
    • Adjusted volumetric fog vallues for nighttime and some day time values to better blend in with the environment
  • Version 2.2.3
    • Re-disable SSAO. It looks a lot better without.
    • Adjusted overall night/day/morning/dusk brightness and saturation
    • Adjusted interiors even more for ELFX shadows, Brightness/contrast/direct lighting
    • Adjusted interiors even more for Lux, Brightness/contrast/direct lighting
    • The optional file for ELFX shadows it's meshes is not required anymore. But feel free to use it. But I won't update it anymore,
    • Moved the alternate lighting module in the main download version as a version to choose from.
    • Archived the optional meshes. They are redundant now
  • Version 2.2.2
    • Lowered the contrast and saturation settings. This caused some overbright efffects. This is for both versions
    • Exteriors have lower saturation and contrast as well. Except the nights
    • Every weather type has the same VL values now. This hopefully smooths transitions a bit better.
    • Brightened the ELFX Shadows version just a little bit for more visibility
    • Lowered the Complexparticlelights intensity for both version
    • Added an optional interior lighting module to be compatible as possible with any interior lighting mod
    • Adjusted the ambientlightintensity for dusk/dawn on certain weathers for all versions.
  • Version 1.2.2
    • Added multiple interior support for Lux
    • Adjusted night time. Reduced the VL a little (sorry guys) Purely so the VL doesn't wash out the rest of the sky.
    • Adjusted HDR and curves a little further. Deeper tones, more contrast for day time and night time.
    • Addded an optional file which includes meshes that reduce or remove certain FX smoke/mist/fog effects for ELFX.
    • Adjusted interiors for ELFX Shadows a little further. A bit darker than previous version
    • Adjusted SSS a little more
    • Adjusted SSAO, it's off by default. But for those who wish to use it.
  • Version 1.1.2
    • Adjusted the interiors for ELFX Shadows using the multiple weather support system. Mainly the exploring areas (dungeons, mines, caves, dwarven ruins etc.) are now more visible.
    • Toned down the LUT settings for interriors and nights for both versions
    • Toned down point lighting intensity and point lighting curve for ELFX Shadows version
  • Version 1.0.2
    • As per request I lowered the bigrange scale to 0.5 instead of 1. This due to performance in case you're running something like JK Lux or ELFX Shadows. The added lights can be costly.
  • Version 1.0.1
    • Forgot to untick the "ignoreweathersystem" tag in environment. Which plays a big role. Corrected it
    • Desaturated the directlighting a little on clear and cloudy weathers


SirArindel for the amazing picturesque weather plugin and for allowing me to edit on it's ENB.
LonelyKitsune for the amazing work on the Silent Horizon shaders and allowing me to use it. Plus a lot of thanks for the feedback!
MartyMcFly for the DOF shaders
Rudy for allowing me to use certain DoF settings as well as the Rudy Required Files!

Phoenixfabricio for uploading a nice showcase for my first ever nexus version of my ENB
xxMaxxdx for showcasing with his video's!

Special thanks to TreyM for helping me out correcting some lighting in both exteriors and interiors. I truly love the way you helped look at things with me. 
Thanks to  grizzy for actively playtesting and giving proper feedback. Thanks a lot!
Also special thanks to LilDingiDongi for helping me out here and there!

And thanks to the many Skyrim Discord servers for the feedback and support as you guys have been immensely supportive. To many names to mention. So thanks to all of you! (they know who I mean)