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This mod brings you a new and unique backpack to the world of Skyrim! But be careful -- the only way to acquire it is dangerous and exciting!

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This mod brings you a new and unique backpack to the world of Skyrim! But be careful -- the only way to acquire it is dangerous and exciting!

This mod includes a custom quest where you will have to travel to The College of Winterhold to obtain a letter about defeating a new creature to the world of Skyrim. After defeating the Mud Monolith you will aquire the reagents needed to craft the Mages Backpack at any tanning rack!

The Mage Backpack can be crafted at any Tanning Rack
It also requires a special ingredient that can only be obtained by defeating a new menacing creature, the Mud Monolith.

NOTE: As of November 2018 you now have 2 backpacks under your Tanning Rack crafting menu.
There is now a pre-enchanted version, and an un-enchanted version.

Mage Backpack (Enchanted)

Ingredients Required:
3) Leather Strips
3) Leather
1) Refined Moonstone
5) Wisp Wrappings
1) Magica Powder

The backpack has its own enchantments: +X carry weight, +25 magic resistance, +5 wisp speed.
You can choose your carry weight now: +50, +100, +150, or +200! Pick your desired weight within the installer.
This backpack cannot be disenchanted. 

Wanderer's Mage Backpack (Un-enchanted)

Ingredients Required:
4) Leather Strips
6) Leather
1) Refined Moonstone

This backpack has no enchantments. It can be enchanted and disenchanted.
Can be enchanted with almost all enchantments.

**All Versions of this backpack use body slot 47**

Quest for the Magica Powder Reagent:

You will find a note on the safe in the Archmage's Quarters in The College of Winterhold.
This note will explain to you the location of the mud monolith.
Only in defeating it will you receive the last ingredient required (Magica Powder) to craft your own mage backpack.
But be warned! The Monolith is a dangerous creature.
I advise only the strongest adventures seek out this monster.

*Mud Monolith Location Spoiler Below*
{ To find the cave, follow the Hajaal river south of Morthal. You will find the Brood Cavern burrowed into the mountainside. *see images }

There is a simple step by step FOMOD installer for you to pick your ideal backpack down to the last detail! 
Each option has a description and image so you can see what you are choosing. 
You can also see all of the options under Images on this page.

Choose your file type:

There are two size options to choose from
- Larger
- Smaller

Backpack Color Options:
** NEW ** - Dark Brown
** NEW ** - White
- Light Brown
- Black

Flag Options:
- Mythic Dawn
- Alteration
- College
- Conjuration
- Destruction
- Illusion
- Restoration

Book Options:
- Brown Journal
- Alteration
- College
- Conjuration
- Destruction
- Illusion
- Restoration

Can be installed and uninstalled using Nexus Mod Manager.
To manually install: Unzip the archive inside of you skyrim special edition data folder, and activate the .esp in your load order.

To Uninstall: Make sure you have the backpack unequipped in game. Deactivate the .esp from your load  order and remove it and the new files from your data folder. 

There is now a second download by: ckstxjimmy
Read below for the changes to this version of the mod:

The Mud Monolith dropped troll death items. (troll skull, Troll fat, so on) I fixed that.
Brood Cavern I removed the Mud Monolith from that spot and added it to its own small den I made Mildew Den around the Whiterun area (will include a picture to location) *picture in download file*
The College of Winterhold I removed the note from that location (also fixed the note to reflect the location change) and placed it on the body of a dead mage outside of Mildew Den, I added another dead mage inside of Mildew Den added a chest inside of the den also.

Special thanks to the original creator tumbajamba for allowing me to port over there mod to SSE to share with all of you!
You can find the oldrim version of the Mage Backpack HERE.
Also special thanks to Reptileye for the alternative retextures for the backpack.
You can find the oldrim version of the Retextures HERE.