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Custom-made retexure of the East Empire Company warehouse sign that glows in the dark! This texture is specifically sized to fit the 3d-mesh from raiserfx. Also includes the East Empire logo for wooden crates. Available in 2K for English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Wood color options in weathered grey, cedar red, and dark walnut.

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The East Empire warehouse sign has always bugged me.  While there are some really nice retexures out there, none of them could ever look like what I had in my head because of the vanilla mesh.  Raiserfx fixed this in his Major Cities Mesh Overhaul (if you aren't using it, you should!), shown here. His mesh is lovely, but the vanilla sign is a little skewed when placed on it. It's not centered, which makes the bolts slide to the bottom of the mesh. So with his gracious permission to use his mesh, I've made the custom retexture of the East Empire Company warehouse sign I've always wanted, along with matching shipping crate logos as well!

The glow-map is completely custom-made to fit this specific mesh. I deliberately set it to be rather faint, so that it definitely glows at night, but isn't distracting during the day. I will NOT make a non-glowing version. If you absolutely do not want the sign to glow in your game, open the file in your favorite paint program and dump black all over it. Do not just delete the glowmap, because then your entire sign will glow, not just the sails and letters!

My East Empire Company warehouse sign was made piece by piece from cutting individual pieces of wood textures from Cunny's Various Textures then running them through filter after filter and render after render until I was satisfied. I used some of the clip-art pieces to form the outline on the metal backing for the letters, as well as the large bolts on the sign and the small tacks on the crates.

Once I had my files set up, it didn't seem like it would be too hard to make the signs for other languages. Yes, I was that naive. 3 days of frustration later, I can happily present alternate files in French, German, and Spanish.  All languages are each available in 3 different wood textures: Weathered Grey, Cedar Red, and Dark Walnut.


All files are 2K. Only select one main file for the language and wood color you want.