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Tweaks The Gauldur Amulet to be more rewarding.

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By TheWulfPanda

What this mods does:

This mod alters The Gauldur Amulet and each of it's fragments.

Gauldur Fragment Saarthal:
+30 magicka
+15% magicka regeneration

Gauldur Fragment Geirmund:
+30 stamina
+15% stamina regeneration

Gauldur Fragment Folgunthur:

+30 health
+15% health regeneration

The Gauldur Amulet:
+50 health, stamina and magicka
+25% health, stamina and magicka regeneration
+25% speech
+25% better prices

The last two effects were added because, according to the lore of Gauldur himself,
he was a wise, WEALTHY and powerful man. Therefore I think it makes sense
to increase speechcraft and barter prices.

Added an optional file for those who think the Speech and Price enchantment
is a little overpowered with the amulet. The optional amulet will have the same
enchantments as listed above just without the aforementioned ones.


To install, simply DRAG the .esp files from THIS mod into your Skyrim\Data folder
or use a mod manager (e.g. Nexus Mod Manager) to install.


To uninstall, simply DELETE the .esp files from THIS mod from your Skyrim\Data folder
or use a mod manager (e.g. Nexus Mod Manager) to uninstall.


IF you are updating from version 1.0 to version 1.01 make sure to :

1. Unequip the fragments and/or the amulet.
2. Delete A Better Gauldur Amulet v 1.00.
3. Download and install A Better Gauldur Amulet v 1.01.


This mod should be compatible with 99.98% of mods on the Nexus and beyond.
However, if one finds an incompatibility somewhere, let me know ASAP
and I will try to fix it... ASAP.

Any mod that edits the values of The Gauldur Amulet and their loot tables will NOT be
compatible with this mod, though I am more than willing to make a patch for any
mod that does conflict with mine.


Artificer - Artifacts of Skyrim by 23BLUENINJA
Fully Compatible and Recommended.

(install Artificer - Artifacts of Skyrim -> install A Better Gauldur Amulet)

Similar Mods:

Improved Gauldur Amulet SSE by c0uTep
Artificer - Artifacts of Skyrim by 23BLUENINJA

Artificer - Artifacts of Skyrim makes changes to nearly every single unique item in the game
and therefore including The Gauldur Amulet. I highly recommend this mod, however, if you wish
to use my Gauldur Amulet instead of the Artificer one, make sure to install Artificer and then A Better Gauldur Amulet.

This is a recommendation to those who wish to have a better Gauldur Amulet but do not like
the values I have used for mine. Leave a suggestion in the comments section to let me know
if I can make my Amulet better.


Check the PERMS tab on the top of the page.

My other mods:

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If you have any suggestions make sure to either PM me or leave a post
in the comments section!