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Lowers the amount of favors required to become a thane.

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I didn't like having to do so many favors (yeah I know it's either 3 or 5) to become a thane or buy a house (or land with Hearthfire). So I went in and lowered the requirements.

I have two versions available. One that lowers the minor hold amount to 1 and major hold to 3, and one to lower both of them to 1.

For some reason the number in the quest objective was still the old number for me when I tried it. It could have been because the game was ready for the objective before I added the mod. If someone were to try it out and tell me that it shows the new number I will put it as a bug when used on a current save.

I am going to assume that if you use the mod with the quest objective already active, you would need to complete another favor before it would realize you have the amount needed. But as I haven't tested that yet, I cannot be for sure.

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