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TheWulfPanda - szn - GaigeTheMechromancer

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A very small mod that changes the values of the Dragon Priest Masks back to the Improved Dragon Priest Masks mod allowing both to work together seamlessly.

Permissions and credits


By TheWulfPanda

What this mods does:

This mod/patch allows the mods Improved Dragon Priest Masks and Skyrim
Enchanting Overhaul
to work together and reverts the changed values made by
SEO back to IDPM instead.


This mod requires:
Improved Dragon Priest Masks by szn
SEO Skyrim Enchanting Overhaul by GaigeTheMechromancer


To install, simply DRAG the .esp files from THIS mod into your Skyrim\Data folder
or use a mod manager (e.g. Nexus Mod Manager) to install.

Place this below both IDPM and SEO in your load order.


To uninstall, simply DELETE the .esp files from THIS mod from your Skyrim\Data folder
or use a mod manager (e.g. Nexus Mod Manager) to uninstall.


This mod should be compatible with 99.98% of mods on the Nexus and beyond.
However, if one finds an incompatibility somewhere, let me know ASAP
and I will try to fix it... ASAP.


Check the PERMS tab on the top of the page.

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If you have any suggestions make sure to either PM me or leave a post
in the comments section!