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Travel to Morrowind and explore what remains of the province in the Fourth Era. An authorised port of Shadow of Morrowind.

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Shadow of Morrowind SE
Morrowind in the Fourth Era
Work in Progress

In the aftermath of the Red Year, the home of the Dunmer has been transformed almost as much as the fabric of their society. Explore the ruins of Vvardenfell, sundered in the eruption of Red Mountain, and head to the mainland to see what remains of this proud people and their once-great society.

We are looking for modders! If you have any experience and want to help out we are looking for assistance in all aspects of development, please don't hesitate to contact us (see below.) We would love to have you on the team!

This Release - v0.1

Shadow of Morrowind is a sadly never finished LE mod to bring the lands of Morrowind to Skyrim. With the permission and support of the original Shadow of Morrowind Team, we are pleased to present a port of the final release for LE fully ported and optimised for Skyrim Special Edition. Come and explore Vvardenfell and the western mainland of Morrowind. Head to the Dunmeth Pass east of Windhelm to find your way to the mainland, catch a boat to Vvardenfell from Solstheim, or go for a swim if you're feeling adventurous.

This is very much a WIP, so whilst there’s lots to see in the new lands added by this mod don’t expect much in the way of creatures, NPCs, and quests – and there are numerous unfinished spaces and missing interiors. We don’t recommend adding Shadow of Morrowind SE to your load order permanently in its current state, but please enjoy what’s here for what it is.

In terms of bugs and errors, please use the bug reporting form on this mod page to report anything you find and we’ll be sure and follow up with fixes as required. Please leave us feedback and suggestions in the comments, but be sure to leave kudos and endorsements for the original mod and the original team on their respective pages! (full credits below)


With the original Shadow of Morrowind now ported to SSE, we’re planning on continuing the work and expanding this project into a fully-fleshed
and playable expansion to explore Morrowind. If you are a mod author and you’re interested in getting involved, please get in touch via DM! We are especially keen to work with an interior level designer right now. But we could currently use help in every part of development, so let us know your skills and interests and we can get to work.

Our immediate goals are to both maintain and support this version of the port, whilst working on our own expansion and overhaul of the content to someday bring a finished version of Morrowind to the community. For now the team remains small, so don’t expect any miracles, but we believe in releasing our work for public feedback as we go, so while a feature-complete Morrowind may be a ways off, we hope to bring new releases out regularly so you can see our progress.

Check out the community Discord to stay in touch with the project.


Shadow of Morrowind SE has been created with the permission of the original Shadow of Morrowind Team. Check out their pages in the credits below and show them some love for this great creation we all get to enjoy!
As this is a port of their work, we will not be forwarding permissions to use it in other projects, so please get in touch with the original creators if you want to use assets from this mod. However, many of the assets are from free to use modders resources or similarly open permissions projects, so check out the credits below to find the original resources.

Modification and expansion of this mod is permitted, but please only do so in the form of additional patches for the original files, rather than redistributing a modified version of our files (of course mesh changes/retextures and the like may necessitate a few redistributed files which is fine.) And if you want to make a modification that you think could be a part of the core project, feel free to get in touch! We’d love to collaborate and bring you into the fold, even if you only want to make one or two small changes or fixes and don’t intend to join the project full-time.

For as long as this mod page remains available, please do not reupload this mod here or anywhere else, to avoid unauthorised versions getting out there where we can’t maintain them in line with the current version.

Translations are permitted! Please get in touch if you want to do a translation and need extra permissions beyond the restrictions here – we definitely want to support anyone providing that service to the community and bringing this mod to as many people as possible!

This is a non-commercial mod, and we ask that any derivative works also be non-commercial (ie. not being sold or paywalled in any way – including Patreon.)


Shadow of Morrowind SE Team:

Morrigan – Please contact me here on the Nexus with any enquiries.
iHurting – Please contact me via discord at GLUR#1434.

Original Shadow of Morrowind Team:

Original Shadow of Morrowind Credits:

If there are any assets used by us that do not have proper accreditation or permissions, please get in touch! We’ll be sure and redress any such concerns as quickly as possible – with the transfer of a project last updated more than seven years ago to a brand new team, there may be a few things that slipped through the cracks so please don’t hesitate to reach out.