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"This cold is unbearable!" - Not anymore! Keeping Warm introduces scarves and mufflers to the world of Skyrim! Enjoy the comforting warmth of these neck-hugging, warmth-providing accessories for your character and the people of Skyrim.

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Welcome to "Keeping Warm - Scarves and Mufflers"!
The Classic Edition Version can be found here: Link

What do you use to keep yourself warm on cold days with snow blowing outside?
Sure: thick clothes, a pair of warm boots and gloves, but there is something else to keep you warm: Scarves and Mufflers.

There were a few mods adding those accessories into the world of Skyrim, so we decided to clean them up, pack them together, add more awesome features™ and deliver them right to your hard-drive!

Now you and the people of Skyrim can enjoy warm, comfy scarves and mufflers. They even provide protection of the cold and come in many stylish color variations, some even match the corresponding faction and will be added appropriately!

What does this mod provide? Well, here is a list:
108 Scarves (54 textures variations for each of the two meshes)
34 Mufflers (34 textures across three muffler meshes)
Items for both female and male characters
Leveled Lists: NPCs throughout Skyrim will have appropriate scarves and mufflers equipped
No slot conflict with cloaks from WiC/CoS: Wear two warming items at once :)
Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade compatibility
Support for Vanilla, (U)UNP and CBBE bodies
All items craftable at the tanning rack

Improvements over the older/other scarf/muffler mods:
Cleaned structure
Usage of TextureSets
Full CCOR compatibility
Complete leveled lists for NPCs
Adjusted armor slots

Coming/Planned features include:
Frostfall settings (Workaround below)
HDT support (Dropped)

Due to a lack of interest in continuing to mod Skyrim, I've pretty much dropped most of my work, this includes KW. 
Most of the work is now passed on to CyborgArmGun, who also created the SE version.

Frostfall Workaround:
Frostfall recognizes Keeping Warms accessories but doesn't have any values for them. To fix this you can do the following:
Open the Frostfall MCM and navigate to “Armor & Clothing”, and select “Set Protection” for the corresponding piece. 
You can then choose a description that you feel matches the equipment, or, set the values manually.

A nice little video made by Thyworm

Installation is simple:
1.) Download the main file
2.) Use your favorite mod manager (preferably MO or NMM) and install the zip just like you would install any other mod. 
3.) Using the fomod select the options fitting your setup (bodytype) and choose your optional stuff as well.
We highly recommend using the optional textures. Those are high quality, great looking textures made by great people.
4.) Load-Order doesn't matter for this mod.
5.) Don't forget to active the ESP! It's required for the mod to function properly!
6) If you liked the mod, endorse to show your support. It's free! ;)

All items can be crafted at any tanning rack in-game. There are no perk restrictions, but you need the required materials for crafting the items.

Updating isn't any harder:
Just install the newer version like mentioned above and say "Yes" when asked to overwrite the old files

Uninstalling the mod:
The mod is safe to uninstall mid-game. There are no scripts or anything that would leave traces. Of course, all scarves and mufflers will disappear completely from you, your inventory and the NPCs.

Just remove the mod within your mod manager like any other mod
If you chose to install it manually, you will have to remove "Keeping Warm.esp" and remove the "SaMoS"-folders in both the "textures" and "meshes" folders. Outside of that nothing else should have to be done.

Merging the mod should work without a problem, there shouldn't be anything able to break the merging process.

Armor Slot
The armor occupies slot 45, so you won't be able to equip any other items using that slot at the same time.
Luckily you should be able to wear a scarf or a muffler together with your cloak from WiC/CoS. :)

Leveled List
The only real compatibility problem that should come up are the leveled lists.
If you have any mod overwriting the leveled lists provided by this mod, you won't have NPCs wearing them.

The best way to resolve this kind of conflict is using either a bashed or a smashed patch.
A good place to start (IMHO) is the "Beginners Guide" over at r/Skyrimmods: Link 
(The topic you wanna look for in this case would be "Wyre Bash"; Mator Smash is an option as well, but isn't ready for general use as of now)

Thanks to the original authors which mods we built upon on! 
Without their previous work, this mod wouldn't exist.
(We have their permission to use their work)
Natterforme - Scarves of Skyrim
cmdo - Skyrim Scarves and Mufflers
jacknifelee - New Scarves of Skyrim

Armor used in screenshots (Thanks Elianora!):
- UNP mini dresses (ebony armour)
- Ursine Stormcloak armour
- Skaal You Need armour
- Bodysuits for CBBE TBBP Unified UNP and Bodyslide

Special Thanks:
CyborgArmGun - Took a lot of work off my shoulders, she helped making this mod a great deal.

Elianora - Providing special support and content, she created new textures for the mufflers and provided some beautiful screenshots.

And at last:
Netrve - My "humble" self (why am I saying that? Maybe I'm just bored. *shrug*)