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This mod adds to the game a set of Jewelry dedicated to Azura.

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This mod adds to the game a set of Jewelry dedicated to Azura.

The Set contains:
  • Amulet (female and male model)
  • Belly Piercing (female and male model)
  • Earrings (only available for human(female and male), elven(female) and orc(female) races)

All items can be enchanted, however, there are some benefits while wearing them:
Wearing the earrings grants you the power 'Azura's Night Vision' (Night vision for 30 s)
While wearing the amulet you'll get the following benefits:
  • amulet only: illusion spells cost 10% less magicka
  • amulet plus one other item (Earrings or Belly Piercing): illusion spells last 10% longer 
  • all three items: All illusion spells work on higher level people (stacks with perks like animage, etc.)

To obtain the items you have to make a donation on the shrines of Azura, since there are only two in-game, I decided to place a third shrine one on the little pool outside of Tolvald's Cave

  • mods that edit the same locations

  • copy all files in your data folder
  • use Bodyslide to create the models!!!! don't like it? don't use it!
  • never forget to activate the esp file

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to Caliente for creating BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Thanks to the entire modding community for being awesome.