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A tool to help modders find there current cell location and elevation in the world.

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Have you ever been walking around Skyrim and found the perfect place to create your next build project.
Only to open up the Creation Kit and end up scrolling around for ages to find the same location?
Yeah, me too bro.

With this mod you will no longer have to spend an eternity looking for your location again!

It is a book that you add to your inventory that will open a display showing your players current cell location and elevation in any exterior world space!
With one click you will receive all of the information you need to quickly find that great piece of prime real estate again in the Creation Kit.

1. Open up the command console (aka the ~ key)
2. Type the following: help where
3. Using the 'page up' key, look for BOOK: (ID NUMBER) "Where in Oblivion?"
4. Once you have found the ID, you need to add it to your inventory: player.additem (ID) 1
5. Now that you have the book in your inventory, simply find it and click on it. 
Once you click on the book your game will pause and a pop-up window will appear with your current cell location and elevation.

This mod was intended to be used in exterior cells only. So be sure to only use it in an outside world space.
If you try to get your location inside of a building you will most likely get crazy cell numbers and elevations. 

This mod works for ANY exterior world spaces: Tamriel, Blackreach, Whiterunworld, or your own Custom Worldspace!

** If you have any issues with this mod please be sure to leave a bug report. I will look into it as soon as possible.

This mod was originally created by acidzebra for normal Skyrim and I needed it badly for SSE. 
So with permission I have ported it over to share with all of you! 

You can find the normal Skyrim version HERE.