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A wrapper DLL used to load other plugin DLL files in Skyrim Special Edition.

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Attention: This mod is no longer being supported or updated.

This mod has been uploaded by "The Care Taker" at the request of its owner. The Care Taker account is run by Nexus Mods for the purpose of hosting mods created by authors who are no longer active in the community.

If you are a mod author and would like to learn more about this service or have questions, you can find details regarding The Care Taker HERE.

Happy modding!

Since I don't find myself playing Special Edition at all and just playing the original Skyrim I have decided to abandon this as it really isn't worth spending my time supporting this. I may decide to pick up work on this again at a later time, but for the time being don't expect any support.


What Is This?

With the current lack of SKSE for Skyrim Special Edition there is no easy way to load plugins to inject custom code. This is a wrapper DLL that is used to load plugin DLLs for mods I have made and can also be used by mod authors to load their own plugins. This is intended as only a temporary solution until SKSE becomes available which will then render this mod obsolete.

How To Install

1. Download the ZIP file to your local hard drive.
2. Extract either dxgi.dll or x3daudio1_7.dll (NOT BOTH) inside the ZIP file into the same folder as SkyrimSE.exe in your Skyrim Special Edition installation.
3. Use a mod manager to install plugin DLLs or manually extract them into your "Data\SSEPlugins" folder.

Once installed, plugins will automatically be loaded when you launch the game. There will be a log file named PluginLoader.log produced to help diagnose any problems that might occur.

Developer API

For other mod authors who want to create plugin DLLs to inject code into Skyrim Special Edition you just need to define the following functions:

#define EXTERN_DLL_EXPORT extern "C" __declspec(dllexport)

EXTERN_DLL_EXPORT const char* GetRequiredSkyrimVersion()
return ""; // The version of Skyrim Special Edition the DLL is intended to work with.

EXTERN_DLL_EXPORT void InitializePlugin()
// Your code goes here.

The GetRequiredSkyrimVersion function is used to prevent loading a DLL for an incorrect version of Skyrim Special Edition in order to prevent potential crashing when Bethesda releases a new version of Skyrim. If the version matches then InitializePlugin will be executed to initialize whatever code you want to execute in your plugin. Plugin DLLs will need to be located under the "Data\SSEPlugins" folder in order to be loaded.

Known Issues

Creation Kit might crash when the DLL is present in the Skyrim installation folder. You will need to rename or delete the file temporarily for Creation Kit to work properly.


You can feel free to make translations, upload this to other sites, and generally share this with anyone you like without asking for permission so long as you don't try and make any money from this mod. I only ask that you make sure to give me credit for this work.

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