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Updated Requiem patch for Lucien - Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower

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This patch is a rework of the original Lucien patch found at the Requiem patch central for Skyrim LE

The original patch only had basic perks in the heavy armor tree. Probably to allow Lucien to equip heavy armor without being fatigued immediately.

But Lucien have his own unique levelling system and he can be developed in the direction of becoming an archer, a mage, an evasion fighter, a thief or a mix of them all.

But the poor hapless dude had absolutely no talent for any of it. So while you could teach him expert level spells, he had no perks that allowed him to utilize the spells and he was doomed to be a clumsy follower for the entire playthrough.

Well. No longer.

Lucien now have a full set of low to mid level basic perks in Evasion, Marksmanship, Onehanded (Sword) equivalent to the original patch's Heavy armor. 
He also have the novice to expert basic perks in all spell schools (but limited flavor perks except armor perks in alteration). 

As a vanilla follower he would thus be one massively powerful follower, but as he have his completely unique way of levelling and learning spells, this should merely allow him to become useful as the game progresses.

He has also been given a tempered imperial steel sword. A gift from his imperial officer mother. As a memento to all the drills she put him through as he grew up.

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Have a nice game.


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Requiem - Lucien (this patch)
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