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Adds a configurable quest requirement to Helgen Reborn. The Courier also gives you the book when level and optional quest conditions are met.

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Helgen Reborn is a great mod but in my opinion lacked a level requirement when the quest should start, even the author of HR said you should start around level 20 in his description page. So this mod aims to adjust that, and a tiny bit more.

  • Adds a configurable level requirement to Helgen Reborn.
  • Adds an optional quest completion requirement to start Helgen Reborn.
  • The book doesn't automatically get put in your inventory, the courier now gives the book to you when the requirements are met.
  • This may be a positive to some and a negative to most, you cannot drop the helgen reborn book until the HR quest is completed (<- I think thats what the flag does anyways...) This is subject to change, I didn't want to accidentally throw away the book if I haven't read it yet.

Uses MCM helper so the changes can be persistent in new plays.

Thank you:
Mike Hancho for Helgen Reborn.
Parapets for MCM Helper
SkyUI Team for SkyUI
Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition