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Replaces the unique weapons in Rigmor of Bruma

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This mod is now obsolite these weapons can now be found in the new remix mod Here which is a mushup between this mod and vpulse08's Rigmor unique armaments mod

This mod has been a WIP for quite a while i love the Rigmor Mods and can't wait for part 3.
The one thing i didn't like about the mod was some of the unique weapons you got during the mod looking like standard vanilla models.
This mod aims to fix that by giving each weapon it's own unique model and texture, most of them made by me with the exception of a couple of them.

Weapons that have been changed are
Khajiit LongBow
Khajiit Arrows
Xenia's Wrath
Silver Arrows

Optional file for Rigmor of Cyrodiil the main file is required for the addon to work as the file only contains the ESP.

Credits to RonnieMagnum for letting me use his Scourge Model and also Jet4571 for letting authors use his medieval arrows which i used for the Khajiit Arrows.
File is ESL flagged for any that are wondering.

V2 of the Cyrodill addon adds a custom unique weapons to the Tsaesci as well as giving Sethius a Unique dagger. i will continue to add more unqiues as and when i find them.

More Screenshots will come as i play through the mod as starting a new play-through and will possibly look into the ROC mod to possibly replace if there are any unique weapons in that mod.

Feel free to upload your own screenshots and hope you enjoy this replacer.