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With the addition of new cloaks and capes, I thought it may be an idea to explain how to find the various kinds.


Basic, plain cloaks and capes can be found on NPCs such as Bandits and Vampires, etc. They come in three styles, Linen, Hide, or Burlap*, and can be crafted at a Tanning Rack with the relevant materials (leather or linen wraps). This currently includes the following cloak & cape colours:
Cloak/Cape - Black
Cloak/Cape - Blue
Cloak/Cape - Brown
Cloak/Cape - Crimson
Cloak/Cape - Green
Cloak/Cape - Grey
Cloak/Cape - White

*note that the short capes can be crafted in Linen and Burlap variants, not Hide.


Hold Guard cloaks are not craftable, but can be seen worn by guards of the various Holds. In addition, so no guard-killing is necessary, spare Hold cloaks can be found, hand-placed in likely locations. This includes:
Cloak/Cape - Dawnstar
Cloak/Cape - Hjaalmarch (Morthal)
Cloak/Cape - Falkreath
Cloak/Cape - Markarth
Cloak/Cape - Riften
Cloak/Cape - Solitude
Cloak/Cape - Stormcloak (Windhelm)
Cloak/Cape - Whiterun
Cloak/Cape - Winterhold


Various factions have their own cloak variants, which can be found in the world, or looted from NPCs. More factions and miscellaneous cloaks to come, but currently the following are included:
Cloak/Cape - Stormcloak (2 variants)
Cloak - Imperial (2 variants)
Cloak - Thalmor (2 variants)
Cloak - Forsworn (2 variants)
Cloak - Necromancer (2 variants)
Cloak - Dwemer (5 variants)
Cape - Silver Hand
Cape - College of Winterhold


Finally, there are a number of unique/rare cloaks hand-placed in the world, waiting to be discovered. Some are already enchanted, some not, and there are many more to come. Keep an eye out for them when adventuring and exploring! Hints for their locations can be found in the Locations Readme, and clues can be discussed on the forum thread: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1360035-rel-cloaks-of-skyrim/


Unique variants can be looted from the named Priests. If you have already killed them, their cloak can be found somewhere in the vicinity of where they spawn. Unnamed Dragon Priests spawning at high levels will also drop the regular Dragon Priest cloak, while at lower levels, the cloak can be found within Geirumund's Hall.

Cloak - Dragon Priest
Cloak of Hevnoraak
Cloak of Krosis
Cloak of Morokei
Cloak of Nahkriin
Cloak of Otar the Mad
Cloak of Rahgot
Cloak of Vokun
Cloak of Volsung


- within the hole of the blind's temple, an orc warrior breathed her last.

- after the Great Collapse of Winterhold, the fallen washed up while survivors crawled into nearby caves along the coast of the Sea of Ghosts.

- even the ancients of the Voice welcome a warm mantle on their shoulders.

- an unknown, unnamed traveler, honoured in the Pass.

- his death may have been skeevers or suicide, but this poor farmer perhaps unknowingly had something of great worth.

- flowing fresh water, the colour of a forest. An unwise place for a camp, it seems.

- a gory seat, with vampires ready to prey on the unwary traveling from the south into Skyrim.

- South of the Watch, and West of the Mill, a Nordic tomb contains something long-since abandoned.

- Two great conflagrations, one north, one south. Something remains amongst the ash.

- Within the Temple of corruption, bringing the day to an end.

- Beneath crossed swords of gold, something scurries.

- within the hideout of the misplaced blade

- if an orphan's tear were to travel south-east, the crumbling walls of a fort may welcome it.

- draw a line between two towers; one a stone, the other of frost. There you will find a cave of the fallen.

- a place of burial, where resides the Pale one. A fallen adventurer carried something ancient.

- in a corner, the Dunmer lament the loss of their once-great Gnisis.

- at the eye of a goddess, where water ripples.

- the resting place of a legend, with wings of crimson.

- west of an abandoned prison, north-west of the hideout of the misplaced blade, a tomb in danger of being defiled

- within the temple of the man who ascended to become one of the Divines.