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For two hundred years he has waited and schemed, preparing his followers and gathering to him his Daedric Forces of Destruction. Now, Mehrunes Dagon has once again turned his terrible gaze on the plane of Mundus, and his eye is fixed on you.

Enter the Deadlands and face the Trial of Mehrunes Dagon. Will you conquer his Daedra and claim the glory that awaits you, or will your soul be lost forever?

The answer lies beyond the gate.

Trailer by Sinitar Gaming

  • A terrifying new land of dangerous enemies and challenging bosses, featuring custom assets and an original soundtrack.
  • A fully voiced, lore-friendly quest professionally written by author Joseph Russell.
  • 50 new creatures and Daedra variants, with corresponding ingredients for the budding alchemist.
  • 30 new weapons and 21 armor pieces, almost of all which are obtainable.
  • Several new conjuration spells summoning the inhabitants of the Deadlands.

In the wake of the events with Silus Vesuias at the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, the remnants of the Mythic Dawn cult have offered you a challenge: enter the Deadlands and face the Lord of Change's Trial.  Succeed, and glory awaits you.  Fail, and your soul will belong to Dagon forever.  

The quest is professionally written by real-life writer Joseph Russell, and responds to your decision made at the end of Pieces of the Past. Whether or not you chose to become the Champion of Mehrunes Dagon is reflected in the dialogue and your reasoning for undertaking the Trial which, along with a third, quest-refusing branch, should allow for an outcome that reflects your character's moral inclinations.

To start the quest, you must first have completed Pieces of the Past. Take the key from the corpse of the Daedra Dagon unleashes on you at the quest's conclusion and enter the Shrine. Inside, speak to the Mythic Dawn Leader, and he will explain what to do. 

Take note: the Deadlands are not for the faint-hearted. Dagon's armies are merciless, and low-level players may find themselves more than a little out of their depth without lowering the difficulty. Tread carefully, Dragonborn.

Read the prequel short story here!

Known Issues:

  • There are two unconnected doors accidentally added to the Retching Netch in Raven Rock. These will be removed in the next update - in the mean time, feel free to disable them with the console or remove them in xEdit. FIXED IN V2.1.
  • If you choose one ending of Pieces of the Past, start Sulfur and Fire, and then go back and choose the other ending of Pieces of the Past, upon entering the Shrine you will find the Mythic Dawn cultists naked and mute.  This is an engine bug, and may be fixed by closing Skyrim, re-opening it, and reloading a save from before you entered the Shrine.


It is easiest to download and install the mod using Nexus Mod Manager. If you want to do it manually, unpack the zip into your game directory's "Data" folder, but be careful not to miss anything!

Click here for the Legendary Edition version!


We are more than happy for anyone who would like to translate this mod into another language to do so! Just drop me a PM so I know you're planning on making one and I'll almost certainly give you the all clear - so long as the file you upload is simply an esp replacer, and downloading this original mod is still required. Please note that we cannot provide support for translations.

Here are all the translations that we are currently aware of:

Traditional Chinese

A Message From Mihail

I want to start by thanking each and every one of you. My work here comes from the heart, my only  intention being to bring to the Skyrim community more and more immersive mods. I do not have 
any monetary goals - I have no desire to be paid for my work - and the only reward I need is to see that I'm 
bringing you happiness playing new mods. This community is amazing; all the guys and girls here are 
well-educated and nice to me, always with a word of encouragement whenever I need it. 

Of course, I still have much to learn! I'm learning step by step, improving myself, gradually working towards bringing you better and better mods.

Please know that I always do my best with each mod I release. I'm not a native English speaker, so sometimes I have some difficulty with your language, but you guys are amazing and some of you have offered to dub future mods of mine. That's great!!! :)

I'm a young guy - I'm close to the 40's years old, but unfortunately because of two severe back and 
neck injuries I've had to retire from sport. I've made my living from MMA and wrestling since 
1994, and now, with the risk of ending up in a wheelchair if I contract another back injury, I can 
no longer do what I've done my all life. 

However, I've been a huge fan of TES games since ARENA, so creating mods here is not only a service to you, but also a form of therapy for me. It occupies my free time and is a way that I've found to still do a thing that I've loved my all life.


 Please check out the credits list at the end of this page. Without the incredible modders 
that I've credited there, this mod wouldn't exist. I want to sincerely give my best 
thanks to all of them, and I ask all of you to visit each mod page below, endorse 
the mods, and play them - they're all amazing and great works! :) 

Thank you again,

Mihail Romanov

Walkthrough by DarkWolfNL

Walkthrough by DarkWolfNL

Walkthrough by DarkWolfNL

Walkthrough by DarkWolfNL

Walkthrough by DarkWolfNL

Walkthrough by DarkWolfNL

old trailer

Walkthrough by sinsunmode

Fighting the Flesh Atronach Guardian by Max Ventura

Mod review by MxR Mods

Fighting Xivilai and Dremora Mages in Daedric Ruins

Entering the Deadlands

Walkthrough by Dewep OxR

WALKTHROUGH pt 1 BY RedoranGuard

WALKTHROUGH pt 2 BY RedoranGuard

VIDEO BY RedoranGuard

VIDEO BY RedoranGuard

VIDEO BY RedoranGuard

VIDEO BY RedoranGuard

VIDEO BY RedoranGuard

VIDEO BY RedoranGuard

VIDEO BY RedoranGuard

VIDEO BY RedoranGuard

Most of the mod's content takes place in an entirely new land, so there is very little chance of incompatibilities. That being said, any mod that alters the interior and exterior of the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon may cause problems starting the quest, so watch out for anything that does that.

Also, two of the conjuration spells are added to a couple of merchants' inventory lists, so you may need to make a Bashed Patch with Wrye Bash to avoid conflict with anything else that edits those lists.

This is a standalone mod, but I am also working on Trials for some of the other Daedric Princes. Look out for Cold Despair: Trial of Molag Bal and The Dark Descent: Trial of Vaermina... COMING SOON

I really want to thank several modders, because without some of their meshes
and textures, this mod wouldn't exist. :) Please endorse and play all of them.
Here's the list, with my sincere thanks:

Joseph Russell/ Version 2 of the mod, the mod description, and all voice acting
- users/ for some screenshots
- Darkfox127/ Tutorials
- ousnius/ SSE NIF Optimizer
- andreitachi 
- Kazumamqj/ Ronzo in Skyrim 
- Vicn/ Vicn Creature Pack / Specialized Weapons / The Mad Masker
- Natterforme/ Daedric Lord Armor
- Oaristys/ Modder's Resource Pack
- CrisSpiegel/ Helveton The Fate of the Mountain
- Skywind Team
sirjesto/ cleaned plugin
- Dogtown1/ SkyMoMod
- Xivilai Race- unfortunately this great mod was removed from
the Nexus and Steam by the author, and I cannot link my page
to his page right now, but when he returns, I will link it here
- ironman5000/ Oblivion Deadlands- Resource
- Trumpdog/ Mehrune's Razor Reborn
- wiikki/ Liliths Eye of Chaos
- SpikeDragonLord/ Beasts of Tamriel
- Derik & Brandon Fietcher/ Soundtrack
- yousukeve/ Chaos Dragons
- AerynRavanna/ resources
- MannyGt and MurderWrath/ The Oblivion Realms Serie: Morthal Pain
- lennykrapitz/ Apotheosis- Lifeless vaults
- LordKarnak/ The Daedra Returns
- Jussi138/ Modders resource Xivilai head drafts
- hothtrooper44/ Immersive Weapons
- Hanaisse/ Oblivion Gates in Skyrim
- crazylion/ Cl's Daedric Weapon's 
- nesusan/ Reshaped Daedric Armor
- Sabbath6100/ Reclamations Morrowind Style
- Edhildils/ Edhildils Daedric Freak Armor BBP
- Zaronios/ Daedric Glows- New and enhanced colors
- kai1995/ Pauldrons_ Morrowind Style
-issae/ Nordic Spears
- Grohiik/ Molag Bal's Daytra Demons
- lodrome/ Daedric Armblades
- standalone09/Standalone09s Purifier
- metalmetroid/ Inferno Weapons and Amors Set
- BetrayalSeeker/ Dagons Legions- Dremora Overhaul
- lati100/ Lava Textures
- Sergeynest/ DremOrc Race
- Darkfox127/ Caranthir Tower
- miv357/ Classic Scythe 
- m150/ TsaesciBladesarmor
- madcat221/ Open Faced Helmets
- Loshirai14/ Battle Claws
- opusGlass/ Daedric Lord Masks ReFitted
- guffeh/ Alduins Wings
- lagrie/ The Smelter Demon
- jackGA/ JG Monsters
- Lexo/ Oblivion Amunition 
- PaukSama/ Mythic Dawn Armor
- minam012/ Reinforced Ebony Armor
- lautasantenni/ Expanded Jewerly Crafting
- GR1n/ Diablo Armor
- zertualpro/ DarkDaedricAxe
- Squall82/ Earthfire Sword

Mihail Romanov

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