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This mod adds a set of heavyweight, standalone and lore-friendly armor for your abomination slayers, which can be created at the forge. Don't forget to endorse, if you like it.

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This mod adds heavyweight and lore-friendly armor, which can be created at the forge (Advanced Armors Perk), from leather materials, steel ingot and silver ingot. The set includes a male and female (UNP) heavy armor, an helmet, armored hood, hood and lowered hood. The characteristics of the armor are very similar to the Steel Plate Armor Set.

"Stendarr's mercy be upon you, for the Vigil has none to spare."

All my mods ported to Skyrim LE by jb93lonewolf , Xbox One verions ported by basspainter.

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Should be compatible with all mods.


Copy the contents of the archive folder to your Skyrim\Data folder. Activate
the .esp file in the Skyrim Launcher.  Alternatively, use your mod manager of choice to install the mod.