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Mod Organizer 2 Categories for SEPTIM

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I created Categories for SEPTIM Zackalope's load order and Installation guide.  For use with the latest version of Mod Organizer.

Go to your "Base" Mod Organizer folder (i.e. I:/Games/ModOrganizer)(if you don't know where that is, start Mod Organizer, click on the "Settings" button, click the "Paths" tab and look for "Base Directory", EXIT OUT OF MO2.)
Make a back up of the categories.dat file.
Place this file in folder. (overwrite if asked)
Start MO2: (Attention! This file does NOT auto populate! YOU MUST ADD THE CATEGORIES YOURSELF!)
Right click on a mod in the left pane and select "Add/Remove Category" or "Replace Category" and click the appropriate box.  Hint: If you select a mod, hold down the shift key and scroll down until the last mod in that "step" , it will highlight those for you and then you can right click...)

If you can't find "categories.dat":
Try here
It's hidden so you may have to "view hidden files" to find it.

How to view hidden files

If you still can't find categories.dat, try this:
In MO, click on Tools (screwdriver and wrench), click Configure Mod Categories
Right click, select Add, a "new" category should be made
Click OK, and then exit out of MO.
Now check both locations mentioned above for a "categories.dat"

Replace the back up file or
Delete categories.dat.  Mod Organizer will rebuild categories on the next start

Thanks to:
zackalope for the Excellent Guide.
LePresidente for picking up where Tannin left off.