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Alternative SkyHUD Presets, 3 different Styles included,
Witcher 3

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Thank you for the downloads & the 42 endorsements ! WHOO

The latest supported version of this preset is

SkyHUD 0.60Bv3


What's new

  • 2 new style presets, 3 styles included: 
  • Alternative Oblivion
  • Witcher 3
  • Reaper
  • Autohide features, check SkyHUD Main page for explanation

If you want to share your suggestions, improvements,feedback, wishes, settings or anything else, visit the PostSection!
I will try to help you as best i can!

What has been changed

Alternate Oblivion

  1. Left charge bar re-positioned above the health bar, right charge bar under the arrow counter
  2. Arrow counter re-positioned above right charge bar
  3. Stealth meter moved to the bottom
  4. Enemy text moved to the bottom
  5. Compass markers slightly increased
Witcher 3

  1. Health, Magicka, Stamina Bar moved to left upper corner 
  2. Charge Bars re-positioned
  3. Bottom Steahlt Meter
  4. Notifications moved under the compass

  1. Same as Oblivion Alternate, but with focusing more to the bottom
  2. Compass, Enemyhealth bar moved to bottom
  3. Subtitle & Prompts re-positioned to avoid clipping
  4. Clock position changed

General Changes

  1. Activate button size slightly reduced & re-positioned to info, bar, line 
  2. Subtitle text re-positioned slighty to the bottom
  3. Activate text, bar, line & info text moved more to the bottom of the screen

There are pre-adjusted Presets, selectable through the new Installer, included are:

  • Default
  • with Clock
  • with Clock & Enemy Markers on Compass
  • with autohiden Compass

Before you install this, BACKUP YOUR skyhud.txt!


  1. Download main file by clicking Download With Manager
  2. Select which Preset you want to install
  3. Select which pre-adjusted Preset you want to install
  4. Select which Preset you want to activate

Switching between Presets

  1. Go to your installed Presets, located in DATA\Interface\skyhud\Presets\Alternate Skyhud Presets\
  2. Select which Preset you want
  3. Copy them to DATA\Interface\skyhud\ & overwrite the existing one
  4. Play :)


  1. Backup your current skyhud.txt, if you use a customized one, located in DATA\Interface\skyhud\ .
  2. Uninstall the previous version
  3. Install as new installation
  4. Transfer your settings from the old skyhud.txt to your new skyhud.txt (Just for custom .txt's)


  • This mod does not alter the original mod, it only installs a new skyhud.txt file (if selected) & new Preset Folders

  • Check main SkyHUD Modpage for compatibility issues

Used Mods in Screens

SimpleColor Map Markers by azzendix 

Enderal Font For Skyrim SE by 


 for making SkyHUD

Wenderer for FOMOD Creation Tool

Sublime HQ Pty Ltd for Sublime Text 3