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Some scripts for SSE: delevel npc, modify npc base health, change game saturation

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Modding bring a lot of conflicts when you edit npc, or need so much patchs that your mod list take hours to scroll. Also there isn't always THE patch you need, and end up with countless conflicts which you have to edit one by one and it takes hours. Well, sometimes scripting helps.

So i made some scripts, why not share them ? Take your pick:
- SaiskaDelevel: Delevel every npc (and so monster too) so they scale with the player every time they are generated. Their actual level become the minimum level and they have no max level anymore.
- SaiskaHealth: Modify their base health to double (or more, just edit the script to change that). Very useful if the npc/monster keeps dying in one hit by an overmodded dragon, or to play in adept and not one shot everything.
- SaiskaCombined: The 2 above together
- SaiskaSaturation: Up the screen saturation (= colorfulness) by 150% (again, you can edit that if it is too much, too low)

It's an xedit script so if you don't know how this work, google it 'cause that ain't the place to learn. Run the script, generate the patch, put the patch at the end of your load order... profit.