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overwrite wrongly placed souls, shrink to big ones or block tiny souls from spamming your gem collection it's up to you. This SoulTrap will do what YOU want.

Permissions and credits

normal Skyrim page link http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71073/?

Lore Description:
When a soul is captured by a normal gem not the whole soul is trapped, only a small part of its energy is taken away and the remaining soul can still reach Aeterius, because of this only the mightiest souls will leave enough energy form strong enchantments.
A Soulgem consist of fragile filaments which can hold a part of the souls energy, if the gem is afterwards used for enchantment purposes these filaments will be destroyed by releasing this energy forcefully, in conclusion Azura's star must either have regenerative or more resilient filaments, however magicians weren't able to find it out exactly.
Black Soulgems are modified by necromancers to capture the whole soul of the victim, to be able to trade the souls with Daedra's or worse.
To be able to hold the whole soul black gems are strongly adapted to the soul they should hold, therefore they are normally only able to hold humanoid souls.
Due to the cruel actions of some necromancers Azura blocks any "black" soul from entering her star to prevent it from being misused.

Technical Description:

A highly configurable Soultrapreplacer, with clean code, that allows you to:
capture black souls in normal Gems, however Azura still blocks black souls from entering her star. [can be disabled in MCM]
overwrite smaller souls with greater ones. [can be disabled in MCM]
downsize to great souls to fit smaller gems. [can be disabled in MCM]
block unmatching souls from filling bigger gems. [can be enabled in MCM]
Contains the bugfixes of the USKP, so e.g. black gems can only be filled by humans.

Soft-Dependencies: (not Needed)
SkyUI (optional since v1.7)(will be used for MCM-Config once released if  missing you get a lesser power opening a messageboxmenu)
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (required for thread safety, optional since v1.4, don't use them with Enderal)

The Mod comes as installer package, to be installed by a mod organizing tool, I'd recommend Mod Organizer 2 here.

There are 2 menu systems issued with this file a MCM menu which will take over once SkyUI releases for Skyrim SE and a messagebox based backup menu opened by a lesser power.

Known Incompatibilities:
- other soultrap replacers(mods that edit the way how souls are trapped, mods that only edit the spell e.g. new visuals or greater duration are fine, just use the projectile version)
- mods that add new soulgems (these would be treated like Azura's Star)

Q1) Is this Script multi threaded?
A1) That's the wrong Question: Every Script in Skyrim is multi threaded, but you want to know whether the Script causes trouble if executed multiple times at the same time, if it doesn't it's called thread safe.

Q2) Is this Script thread safe?
A2) Yes.

Q3) What's the difference to Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded?
A3) This List should be nearly complete:
    - My file is older as it was release reddy on my hard disk for a year now.
    - My File allows a stronger soul to overwrite a weaker one.
    - My File allows a too strong soul fill a smaller gem.
    - My File allows more customization.
    - My File uses new soulgem forms to make partially loaded gems visible to
      the script, these also allow a gold value depending on the soullevel,
      however they are lost if you disable the esp.
    - My Script is easier to read I use sub functions, getter functions and "while".
    - That file can handle 13 explicit different cases, mine much much more combined cases.
    - That file allows to restrict Azura's Star to full loading, mine implements and enhances this feature since v1.1
    - Both are compatible to any spell mod using the vanilla script, mine since v1.1
    - Both files are thread safe
    - My File has a Lore Description
    - My File is compatible to Enderal
    - My File has a backup menu so no nasty console command tinkering if MCM is not installed.

Q4) Why does the Lore Description says, that only black gems can hold a full soul, haven't you visited Soul Cairn?
A4) I have and have you ever seen billions of mudcrab, wolf and goat souls in the Soul Cairn, nope you only see multiple humans and one horse.
      So it's more logically that you only end there if you were captured inside a black gem.

Q5) Is this File compatible to Enderal?
A5) Yes, once Enderal releases for SkyrimSE.

Q6) Where do I find the backup menu?
A6) The file automatically checks the requirements for MCM being active, if they aren't full filled you get a lesser power to your spellbock, casting it opens the backup menu.

Q7) I found a bug, or want to request a new feature?
A7) Just leave a comment on the Nexus mod page, Nexus gives me
notifications for it which I check reliable for this file, expect an
answer within 24hours and due to the fact this mod has a readable
sourcecode you even already got you desired update at the same day,
other methods of communication can take months.