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Adds HDT-SMP physics to NewerMind43's Breton Knight armor mod.

Permissions and credits
The original mod by NewerMind43 is required: ESO Armor Collection

Differences from the original mod:
- HDT physics were applied to the coat and hood.
- Made the coat longer.
- Re-did all of the bone weighting, minimizing all potential clipping.
- Tweaked the male armor to have broader shoulders.
- Part of the gauntlet is attached to the armor so that you can finally take off your gloves without having invisible arms.
- The throwing knives and utility belt are now their own separate armor pieces.
- Fixed the hood clipping through the head.
- Cleaned the ESP and flagged it as an ESL.

I also included optional AI-upscaled retextures of the armor that attempt to make it a little more accurate in terms of coloration with the Breton Hero's appearance in the Elsweyr and High Isle cinematics. The dirty version is the one I aimed to make the most accurate.
Even though his armor in those cinematics is quite different from what it used to be in the 2014 cinematics, it's the best I could do. Wish I had the skill to model a brand new armor that's completely accurate, with the big pauldron and the necromancer decals, but alas.

Known issues I doubt I can fix:
- Riding a horse with the armor on will look silly because of HDT-SMP collision. I can edit the XML and remove ground collision to fix this, but this would cause the coat to sink into the ground when you sneak. Not an ideal solution.
- The mask will clip through most Orcs' mouths. Playing around in RaceMenu to pull your Orc character's mouth back will fix it, but it's probably not ideal either.

NewerMind43 for the original Breton Knight mod
hydrogensaysHDT and aers for HDT-SMP
- for the cubemap
- full_inu because I used his Galahad Renegade Coat to help me rig the Breton Knight's coat