About this mod

Wedged between the region of Skyrim and Hammerfell lay a region full of Orc tribes. Orsinium fell, but is history to repeat itself?

Permissions and credits

TES Highrock is a mod that will bring the city of the Orsimer into Skyrim, in all of its glory. Instead of moving the city to the providence of skyrim, the region of Highrock will slowly be built in this mod. However at first i will be focusing on the Wayrest region as that is where Orsinium is located. Many people who have played Daggerfall will know this region as the game was partially set in this region.

To travel to the region the player needs to travel to the Mountain pass located near Dushnik Yal on the map. Once the player is there they then will need to travel through the Mountain pass and into the region of HighRock where they are free to explore the region.

In order to use this mod some simple requirements are drafted.
  • Skyrim 1.9 +
  • All Official DLC

Important Information
This is a work in progress, and not near completion at any rate. With a project this size there will always be aspects for me to improve on and items for me to fix. Currently i'm around ten percent done with the whole project which is only land wise, after this i need to get started with questing and voice acting for it.
Finished landscape generation its 128 cells, which will only be using around 50-60 of those cells. If anyone wants to help with landscaping, it would be awesome. 

Orsinium (which literally translates to "Orc-Town" in Aldmeris) is the city of the Orsimer (Orcs). Orsinium has a long and bloody history with it being sacked by either Bretons or Redguards every 100 years or so. Much of its history is unknown but this unofficial dlc tells the story of the Orsinium region with a vibrant questline and vast land portraying the history of the Orsimer clearly.