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Splits the Lost Relic radiant questline into a separate, parallel questline like Ancient Technology, making it reasonable to get all Dawnguard Rune artifacts

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  • Mandarin
So it's entirely possible that you're unaware, but there's special Runic Dawnguard weapons included in vanilla Skyrim. They're extremely easy to miss, as they're gated behind the radiant quest system, and you can only get them once you've recruited Florentius. However, not only are they part of the radiant system, but they're part of a general grab-bag of 7 quests, which you have to randomly land on the correct one three times to get them all. Given this requires not only that you bother doing radiant quests long after you've probably gotten tired of them (already leveled up enough to see how repetitive they are with other guilds, and having a period of time where Gunmar and Isran have already sent you out on some, as you can't even recruit Florentius until after stage 60 of Prophet), but also be lucky enough to land on it that many times, it's 100% plausible that these might have been present this whole time without you being aware.

Legacy of the Dragonborn players: I know you're aware, this is just to make your lives a ton easier :P

It's mildly silly, so I decided to streamline the process a little bit, and make them not dissimilar to how Sorine's crossbow quests go.

The Dawnguard Rune Hammer

A powerful warhammer imbued with magic that places warding runes on the ground to obliterate it's [sic] wielder's foes.

The Dawnguard Rune Shield

A magical shield that when blocked with, surrounds it's [sic] wielder with a holy aura that harms the undead.

The Dawnguard Rune Axe

An axe imbued with magic fueled by the destruction of the unholy. With every victorious blow against an undead creature, its power grows.

Detailed Implementation
  • Adds a keyword to verify that the Lost Relic questline has been started (probably not necessary any longer, but I added it as a sanity check when trying to make this work, so keeping it around as a security blanket)
  • Edits the DLC1 Radiant quest (the "parent" quest for the radiant quests in Dawnguard) to include the keyword and pass in the Florentius Recruitment quest to track it.
  • Edits the Story Manager Branch Node for DLC1 Radiant Quests to have a fourth type (Hunter, Vampire, and HunterTech were the first three)
  • Creates a new Story Manager Quest Node for the Lost Relic Quests
  • Edits the existing Dawnguard Hunter quest node to no longer include Lost Relic
  • Edits dlc1radiantscript to track the quest progression the same way that Sorine's is, with the quests not starting until after Florentius is recruited
  • Edits the DLC1_QF_DLC1RH08_01015017 script to call another instance of Lost Relic until they're all complete.

Use a mod manager/organizer to install, or drop the loose files into your Skyrim data folder.

Incompatible with anything that edits the parent Dawnguard radiant quests or the dlc1radiantscript. A USSEP version is provided (and yes, this is a hard master, not a soft master, so separate versions are needed for whether or not you have USSEP installed), as well as a Dawnguard Tweaks and Enhancements (which also includes the USSEP fixes as it's a master of Dawnguard Tweaks and Enhancements). SE vs AE makes no difference. Immersive Fort Dawnguard and PCE don't conflict. As of version 1.1, it should work fine with Completionist, just make sure this wins the script overwrite.

Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition and the Creation Kit
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
Various people in Discord for putting up with me