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How to remove a Town from JK's Skyrim (1 comment)

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  1. Teabag86
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    Modular Files I may look at making a Major Towns only and Villages only file like I did for the classic version once everything has settled down and all bugs are fixed and patches are done. I won't be making separate downloadable versions for each town. If you want to remove a city use SSEEdit and delete....

    Whiterun & Whiterun Exterior
    Worldspace> 0001A26F
    Worldspace > 0000003C> Block 0, -1> Sub-Block 0, -1
    And these individual records from Worldspace > 0000003C> 00000D74
    XX000E22 HorseTrough01

    Worldspace> 0001691D
    Cell> Block 9> Sub-Block 3 > 00016787

    Worldspace> 00037EDF

    Worldspace> 00016D71

    Worldspace > 0000003C> Block 1, -1
    And this individual record from Worldspace > 0000003C> 00000D74
    XX000DC5 RiftenSouthGateRef002

    If you want to delete a different town/village. Download the individual classic version and use it as a template to see which records to delete. Refer to this guide which shows how to remove Winterhold. Don't forget to delete any Cell records that may appear in some towns - these contain the interior locations for vendors.

    Once you are done removing the cities simply open the mod in the CK and save which will automatically rebuild the navmesh file.