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<--Unused actor values used by Summermyst-->

If you have a mod that uses one or more of the following actor values, make sure not to use these enchantments or a conflict will ensue.

- Aggression: Quake
- AlchemySkillAdvance: Fortify Potions/Power Surge
- AlterationSkillAdvance: Nova/Karma
- Assistance: Imminent Victory
- BlockSkillAdvance: Stability
- Confidence: Philosopher's Stone
- ConjurationSkillAdvance: King of the Lost/Threshold Throw
- DestructionSkillAdvance: Deep Breath
- EnchantingMod: Unbreakable
- EnchantingSkillAdvance: Cheat Death
- Fame: Fortify Total Armor/Quicken Shouts (no impact on Summermyst if other mods modify this value)
- HeavyArmorSkillAdvance: Defender/Rolling Thunder
- LightArmorSkillAdvance: Shalidor's Shield/Horsemanship
- MarksmanSkillAdvance: Magic Find/Threshold Wail
- IllusionskillAdvance: Soul Harvest
- OneHandedSkillAdvance: Reactive Barrier/Death's Door
- PickpocketSkillAdvance: Windfall
- RestorationSkillAdvance: Increased Experience/Threshold Death
- SmithingSkillAdvance: Fortify Sneak Attacks/Steal Weapons
- SpeechcraftSkillAdvance: Fortify Power Attacks/Berserking
- TwoHandedSkillAdvance: Fortify Bashing/Momentum

(Note: LockpickingSkillAdvance and SneakingSkillAdvance are used by Ordinator.)

<--Valid item types-->

Alarm: NeckHelm
Amplify Alteration: RobesNeckCirclet
Amplify Conjuration: RobesNeckCirclet
Amplify Destruction: RobesNeckCirclet
Amplify Illusion: RobesNeckCirclet
Amplify Restoration: RobesNeckCirclet
Area Drain Magic Resist: Robes
Area Fortify Minions: RobesNeck
Area Restore Health: BodyNeckRingShield
Cartographer: Neck
Cheat Death: RingBodyHelm
Clockspinning: Faster: Neck
Clockspinning: Slower: Neck
Deadly Reach: RobesNeckHelmGloves
Death Shroud: Body
Death's Shield: Shield
Deep Breath: RingBodyHelm
Defender: NeckShield
Fool's Gold: All
Force: NeckGloves
Fortify Bashing: NeckRingGlovesHelm
Fortify Potions: RobesNeckRingHelm
Fortify Power Attacks: ArmorNeckRingGloves
Fortify Sneak Attacks: BodyNeckRingBoots
Fortify Speed: Boots
Fortify Total Armor: NeckRing
Generate Armor: Ring
Generate Soul Gems: RobesNeckRingGloves
Generate Weapons: Ring
Gladiator's Glory: Neck
Grit: NeckGloves
Hardening Skin: Ring
Horsemanship: Cuirass
Imminent Victory: BodyRingHelmShield
Increased Experience: All
Influence: Calm: BodyNeckRingBoots
Influence: Fear: BodyNeckRingBoots
Influence: Fury: BodyNeckRingBoots
Intuitive Magic: Robes
King of the Lost: NeckRingGlovesCirclet
Light: NeckHelmShield
Link Health/Magicka: Ring
Link Health/Stamina: Ring
Link Magicka/Stamina: Ring
Magic Find: BodyNeckRingGloves
Magnet: Body
Mark and Recall: Neck
Negate Magic: Robes
Night Eye: Helm
Nova: RobesShield
Perception: NeckRingHelm
Philosopher's Stone: BodyRingGlovesHelm
Quake: NeckRingShield
Reactive Barrier: BodyNeckBootsShield
Recharge Weapons: NeckRingGlovesCirclet
Reclaim Magicka: Robes
Rollback: Boots
Ritual Protection: Robes
Shalidor's Shield: Robes
Siphon Health: BodyNeckRing
Siphon Magicka: RobesNeckRingHelm
Siphon Stamina: ArmorNeckRingGloves
Soul Fusion: Neck
Soul Harvest: RingBodyGlovesHelm
Spirit of Life: NeckCirclet
Spurs: Boots
Stability: NeckRingBootsShield
Triptych: Attributes: Ring
Triptych: Resistances: Ring
Unbreakable: NeckRingBootsShield
Windfall: BodyNeckBootsShield

<--Changes to common vanilla enchantments-->

- Armor enchantments are no longer erroneously buffed by Restoration elixirs (incl. Saarthal Amulet).
- Armor enchantments now correctly have a non-generic inventory icon.
- Weapon enchantments are properly animated.
- Standardised descriptions.

Absorb Magicka
- Fixed incorrect name ("Drain Magicka").
- Disenchanting Drainspell Bow no longer grants a duplicate Absorb Magicka enchantment.

Absorb Stamina
- Disenchanting Drainheart Sword no longer grants a duplicate Absorb Stamina enchantment.

- No longer raises your skill level, but is a percentage bonus to speechcraft effectiveness as per the description.
- No longer erroneously keyworded as a Fortify Sneak effect.

- Added missing keywords to correctly identify this as a mind affecting fear effect.
- No longer has Turn Undead visuals.

Fortify Alchemy
- (Optional) Now capped at 100% improved potions.

Fortify [Magic school]
- The spell school and regeneration combo enchantments for robes (Fortify School & Magicka Regen) have been removed from the game; disenchanting a robe now yields the regular Fortify School enchantment, which is more effective.
- (Optional) Now capped at 75% cost reduction.

Fortify [Light/Heavy] Armor
- Now increases the armor rating of equipped armor pieces instead of giving skill levels, bringing this enchantment in line with every other Fortify [Skill] enchantment.

Fortify One-Handed
- Now correctly affects daggers.

Fortify Restoration
- No longer erroneously boosts other enchantments (the "Fortify Restoration bug").

Fortify Shouts
- The description no longer says it improves shouts by 0%.

Fortify Smithing
- (Optional) Now capped at 100% improved items.

Fortify Unarmed Damage
- No longer erroneously considered an Alteration effect.
- Now uses a different magiceffect because the original was used by Werewolf claws and various NPC creatures. This keeps the enchantment safe from other mods.

Frost Damage
- The slow now kicks in (and wears off) when it should and not just when the target performs a different animation, making it much more effective. To compensate, the slow no longer scales with enchantment power and no longer stacks with itself. The same fix has been propagated to frost spell slows and slowing elixirs.

Resist Magic
- Disenchanting Shield of Solitude no longer grants a duplicate Resist Magic enchantment.
- No longer affected by alchemy bonuses instead of enchanting bonuses.

Stamina Damage
- No longer erroneously considered a fire attack.

<--Changes to special vanilla enchantments-->

Briarheart Geis
- Fixed a condition bug that made this enchantment not work against any targets.
- Magicka cost is no longer 0.
- The enchantment now counts as non-elemental damage.
- Changed damage type to untyped.
! The Briarheart Geis (the weapon) cannot be found in the vanilla game due to an oversight, but mods such as Cutting Room Floor restore it to the game.

Huntsman's Prowess
- The enchantment now counts as non-elemental damage.
- Changed damage type to untyped (it was affected by armor rating, which was an oversight because it treats it as a resistance, meaning the enchantment deals 0 damage against targets with 100 or more armor).

Keening's Sting
- Now has a realistic charge cost instead of 1.
- The weapon Keening was fixed so it has an actual charge level instead of 0, which caused the enchantment to stop working after one hit and then not allow recharging.

Notched Pickaxe
- The Smithing skill bonus now works.
- The Smithing skill bonus is no longer affected by Alteration elixirs.

Shadowthrive, Shadowsight, Shadowstrike, Shadowstrength
- Enchantments can now be applied to custom items.

Silent Moons Enchant
- Now actually works.
! Its odd damage type (fire damage that is affected by magic resistance) is deliberately left intact.