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Remove conflicting Forms from overwritten plugins using xEdit script.

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Reason for this with NPC High poly overhaul and other NPC face gen replacers like Bijin and Pandorables. High poly Overhaul replaces most NPC faces and are all really good, but I still prefer Bijin's and Pandorables's overhauls. So I use both but High poly doesn't have plugins for each configuration with all the patches, and that is completely understandable it would be a lot of work to maintain each. Hence the reason for this.

These xEdit scripts will output a form list of what face gen forms you want removed and then the second will remove the forms from the files that you select.

This does not fix any bugs this only makes it easier to manually patch NPC records in xEdit by removing the forms from the overwritten file.

Do not use this with Vortex or another mod manager that does not show file conflicts, because its more difficult to tell what individual files are being overwritten to tell what mods have changed NPC face gen data. MO2 is recommended by me anyway. 

This process will not remove the face gen nif and textures only the forms from the plugin.

  • place my .pas scripts inside xEdits "Edit Scripts" folder.
  • In xEdit, run "_GetNPCsFaceGenOverwrite.pas" on top of your preferred NPC face gen overhauls.
  • Again in xEdit, run "_RemoveFaceGenForms.pas" on top of the file you want removed.
  • Manually verify you did not run the second script on top of the file you want the face overhaul from
    If you did on accident relaunch xEdit without saving.
    If you did manually verify all the records you wanted removed from the overwritten face gen overhaul, then save when ready.

If you don't know what you are doing with Face Gen use EasyNPC

My scripts are meant to clean up xEdits window when having multiple NPC looks overhauls not fix black face. This can absolutely cause black face if you did not install your mods in the correct order of your plugin overwrites.