Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A highly detailed, hand made Solitude retexture. Highly inspired by the original concept art for the game. Comes in 8k, 4k and 2k. Now with hand-made ultra detail doors.

Permissions and credits
"Hmph. 'Solitude.' Lonely Cicero could tell you a thing or two about solitude..."

Here is the Great City of Solitude as I think it should be. 

I based this mod off the original concept art for the game, and Tudor style towns. It's Hand-made, Realistic, Lore-friendly and High Quality. 


Exteriors: - Reddish stone block walls - Tudor style
    - Dark pine wood
    - Real cobble streets
    - Faux wetness shader on the streets to emulate a post-rain effect
    - Proper clay/ceramic roofs (like in the concept art)
    - Real castle walls (hand made, inspired by dark souls)
    - Proper stucco walls, not plaster
    - Brownish grass - more realistic and blends better
    - Reworked hand-made metal and Tudor style doors

Interiors:  - Stone, lots of stone

    - Hand-made marble castle floor
    - Hand-made, highly detailed interior doors

    - Castle walls, pillars and supports are rough stone

    - Fancy hand-made decals

    - Rustic like a real castle

Not included:  - Windows - there are so many better window mods out there
- Parallax - maybe at one point 




Download either 2k or 4k
Download files for doors - your pc will explode if you don't
Download the 8k file if you want to, and let it overwrite

I do hope you like this mod, I feel that I put my best work in this, so please endorse it would mean a lot.

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