Skyrim Special Edition
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Dark Mage Set

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NetherMage V3

Adds to the game the dark set of the Nether Mage. Worn only by those who
have embraced the darkness of the void...

Thisis a complete overhaul of V2! It adds many new additions, from new textures and
models. It also adds high heels for the ladies and reshaped female armor for the CBBE body with
experimental breast and butt physics.


LazyHeels is now required because of the female boots. CBBE, and Cbp/Cbpc is also required (???) because of the weighting... Not sure about
this, might work with Vanilla body but you won't get teh jiggles ;)


Thechest with all items can be found in the Middan, outside the room
where the Augur of Dunlain is found. Look for a chest in an icy

For the beautiful daedric chainmail armor! From who I got permission for the heels :))
Credits as Listed on Crystallisgravi's mod page


From Original Description

NetherMage Robes

Afterlooking around on the Nexus, I thought to myself that there wasn't
any dark mage robes (besides the Black Mage Armor by
Reko)that fit my taste.
Thismod was born from that desire.

Whatthis mod adds:

Darkmage robes that have better enchantments (a little) then the archmage
robes as I wanted something for a high level and high difficulty

Armoredversions of the robes that have new models.

Darkmage hood with many different looks (I like options).

Allpieces come in Heavy, light and clothing variants.

Newweapons, with custom models.

Allpieces can be found just outside the room where you encounter the
augur of dunlain in the Middin (College of Winterhold).

Both male and female support.