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Two addons for "The Dragonborn Dreams". One removes the buffs that the dreams bestow upon the player. Second adds a couple of new dreams (will be done soon).

Permissions and credits
Removing buffs from dreams
The dreams in the original mod add various (weak) buffs onto the player for 8 hours after waking up. This mod removes that. Therefore, the dreams are for immersion only. Though you still don't get "rested" if you had a nightmare (Skyrim is a harsh place, what can I say).

Adding more dreams
This mod adds 30 new dreams. They are regular dreams that can appear anytime. One of them has a special version that only appears when you sleep at a certain location and one of them has 4 different versions based on the player's race. I tried to keep the same style as the original dreams. I didn't want to make the dreams too conditional because the original mod already contains a lot of conditional dreams and some of them might be difficult to get (e.g. if the player chooses not to do the main quest).

Note: I didn't read all of the original dreams, so some of my dreams might be similar. Think of it as a different version of the same dream.

There are currently four versions:
  • no buffs - The dreams are the same as in the original mod, but they don't give buffs
  • more dreams (no buffs) - There are 30 new dreams. No dreams give any buffs.
  • more dreams - There are 30 new dreams. The original dreams give buffs. The new dreams don't give any buffs.
  • more dreams (extra buffs) - There are 30 new dreams. The original dreams give buffs. The new dreams also give buffs (I randomly distributed the original buffs among my the new dreams).

At the moment I accept any requests or comments, especially if they're about adding more dreams. I can also make a first-person addon for the new dreams or, just drop me a line in the "posts" tab if you're interested (I will do it if I know that someone is actually interested in it). Also let me know what do you think about my new dreams. I'm not a writer, but I wanted to contribute with something (and I like making addons to existing mods in general).

Install using a mod manager.

The files should replace the files from the original mod. I guess that means that after un-installing this, you should re-install the original mod.

This will break when the original mod gets updated, but I will try to keep it up to date. Currently it's compatible with The Dragonborn Dreams 1.3.2. Otherwise it should really be compatible with anything (like the original mod).

I want to add more dreams, but at the moment I don't want to promise anything.