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Bound Daedric Armors adds a new dremora that can wear bound armor. If that npc fills a quest alias though, it causes a crash because the base form is incorrectly defined. This fixes that, as well as patches quest DA07 so the new dremora does not wear two sets of armor.

Permissions and credits
Bound Daedric Armor is a mod by Sagittarius22 that allows the player to wear bound armor. It also creates a new type of Dremora that will wear bound armor. It does this by creating a Naked Dremora who will cast Bound Amor. This NPC was defined incorrectly using a leveled NPC as a template, as opposed to a base form NPC. When it populates a quest alias (such as in Pieces of the Past, or in combination with Lucien during Dumzbthar) this causes the game to crash. This mod fixes that. 

Requirements: Bound Daedric Armor

Installation: Use a mod manager, load after BDA.

Compatibility: With anything that BDA was compatible with. ESL flagged.

Will it work on an old save? No

Thanks to Sagittarius22 for the original mod!