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Patches to move the Keep It Clean bath doors inside inns from The Great Towns/Villages mods.

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Moves the trap doors to the baths from Keep It Clean back inside the new inn interiors from The Great Towns/Villages mods. I checked all of The Great Town/Village mods and these appear to be the only ones needing patching:

The Great Village of Old Hroldan SSE
The Great Village of Kynesgrove v1.1
The Great Town of Ivarstead SSE v1.2

Patches are provided as is for the versions of the mods listed. ESL-flagged plugins. 

The doors are persistent references, so if they have been loaded once in your game already then they wont move, even after installing this mod. You can try this mod to update your game's persistent reference locations, or use Jaxonz Positioner and go into the walls and move them yourself.

Edited cells:

Archinatic for The Great Town/Village series.