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This file will add 5 Interior Locations, each is located near one of the 5 capital cities.
These are places to explore, store items, place a bedroll and a campfire and maybe stay overnight.
Two Versions, one is compatible with Open Cities and the other is for use with Vanilla Cities.
Navmeshed and cleaned with Tes5Edit.

Permissions and credits
  • German

I wanted a player home mod that blends seemlessly into the vanilla world.

I wanted them modestly but nevertheless nice looking.

When I play as mage, I am constantly broke till level 30 or so because I really need to spend all my gold for all fancy stuff.

So no money to buy a house, but the pockets full with ingots, leather, bones and Ingredients and no place to store them.

But you could summon a chest to store items? -dont like it at all

Get a full fletched-out house right at the beginnig? -why then use Campfire?

And camp outside Windhelm in a snowstorm? -please not every night...

Then go to an inn! - whoaah.. hate these places.. constant singing, babbling, no bed for my friend.. no.

So here is one alternative, at least for me. You can simply try it out, maybe you like it too. 


  • Cave and Sewer beneath Whiterun
  • Cave Entrance near Battleborn Farm
  • Enchanting Table and Bedroll 
  • Hidden entrance to Whiterun

  • Abandoned Ruin south of Riften, near the road to the south gate.
  • Alchemy Table and Bedroll
  • Hidden entrance to Riften

  • Frozen Cave east of Windhelm
  • Bed, Enchanting and Alchemy Table 

  • Cave Entrance west of Solitude Sawmill
  • Bed 


  • Cave and Sewer beneath Markarth
  • Cave Entrance north of Salvius Farm
  • Bed and Anvil
  • Hidden entrance to Markarth

There is some kind of background for every location, at least in my mind it makes sense..

Many rooms contain switchable lightsources.

Beds and bedrolls will give the Well Rested Bonus.

Every location is marked as Player Home Location.

The cells will normally respawn (ore veins and plants), but every container is safe and will not respawn.

Also every item or object (bedrolls, chairs and tables) you place on the ground will stay there.

Loot and encounter will be tied to your level (Level 1-80), they will also not respawn.

The entrances are not always easy to find but you will get map marker.

This mod works great with

Tentapalooza for Campfire  and  Necromancer`s Camp

You can stick with Loot for load order, except the Open Cities Version must load BEFORE the Open Cities.esp

The files should be compatible with almost every other mod, it just adds a few new objects in the vanilla world. It could be that another mod places some things on the exact same place but for now i do not know one that does it and also that is nothing gamebreaking. worst think that can happen are clipping objects.

Note: lighting may differ depending on your lighting mods. i am currently using ELFX but it also looks great with RLO.
 you need to enable -camping in settled areas- inside campfire options, to get the blue placement indicator from campfire.

other Mods you may see in the screenshots:
VIVID Landscapes

oh and I highly recommend this epic music

All cells are navmeshed, but follower may get stuck on a rock or something, dont panic they will soon catch up.
The hallways are often quiet small, very big follower (atronachs) may not fit at all.

Cleaned with tes5Edit.

i kept the scripting to a minimum. every script is short and nothing will run in the background, you will not notice it at all.

i will maybe expand upon the solitude and windhelm interiors and will maybe adding a few new locations (thought of eastmarch or blackreach themed or another ice cave) in the future but for now i am quiet happy with the result.

Credits to Bethesda, everyone who is working on xEdit and the Nexus.