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Ever feel like the White Phial was a bit lackluster? Then this mod is for you! It replaces the White Phial with a lore-friendly, highly detailed and ornate mesh that does better justice to an ancient artifact of legend.

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Xbox One:


I've always felt the white phial was a bit... lackluster. You go to a lot of trouble obtaining (and subsequently repairing it), but not only is the reward pretty unimpressive gameplay-wise, it's also really ugly. I mean, that tiled, off-white texture will just not do. And the way Nurelion patches it up should be considered a crime! There are plenty of mods out there that improve the phial's effects, so this mod adresses the visual aspect of Curalmil's creation. It replaces the White Phial with a lore-friendly, highly detailed and ornate mesh that does better justice to an ancient artifact of legend.

This replacer features a brand new, unique shape for both the broken and repaired bottles. As I was brainstorming ideas Madcat211 pointed out that Curalmil is an elven name, not nordic, so even though he is entombed in a draugr crypt he may actually be of Snow Elf origin. My take on the White Phial is strongly inspired by the ancient falmer designs and incorporates (heavily modified) elements of Auriel's bow & shield.

Legend has it that the White Phial contains the essence of the first snow ever to fall on the Throat of the World. The vanilla object doesn't really give any visual indication of this fact, but I decided to expand on that theme. There is frost creeping up on the handle, ice gathering in the corners and the bottle glitters as if it was made from snow.

The new White Phial is very bright, to the point where it almost seems to glow in direct sunlight. That is just how bloom works in Skyrim, there's not much I can change about that without making the bottle look dull and grey in less extreme lighting. I rather like the effect myself, it makes the phial look very pristine and pure.


This replacer should be compatible with anything else out there, with the exception of mods that replace the same meshes. In particular it's fully compatible with mods that alter the phial's stats. This is a mesh / texture replacer only, so the simple rule is this: try to install it, and if it doesn't ask to overwrite any files from another mod, there is no conflict.

Credits & Thanks

Thanks to:
Gamwich for his help with the textures
Tamira for her help with collision

Texture sources:
Frost texture by Rubyfire14-stock
Various frost stock packs by Natalie Paquette
Frost Texture Brushes by Obsidian Dawn

Tools used:
Gimp 2.8
SSE Nif Optimizer