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Several patches for this wonderful armor. Helmet with no hair, 2K textures, HD grey and black hair, bigger helmets, no fur... and more to come!

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Wind Ruler Armor - My patches

By Xtudo

Several patches for this wonderful armor made by 4thUnknown.

The HDT-SMP version is not ALL compatible, it will conflict with my patches that edits the armor's meshes, like the weight sliders. The texture ones, the one handed sword, are good to go.

Recommended installation order:
  • Fixes or Light Armor version SE or Unenchanted Helmet SE.
  • Bigger helmets SE.
  • Male weight sliders SE or HIMBO version.
  • Female weight sliders - More feminine version SE.
  • Wind Ruler Armor - Scabbard SE.
  • Wind Ruler Armor - One handed sword SE.
  • Any aesthetic file, like color changers.

  • Masculine helmet no hair. Bigger helmet version too.
  • 2K optimized textures.
  • HD Grey hair (original color).
  • HD Black hair.
  • Bigger helmets, about 10%. It includes some clipping fix too.
  • No fur for the armors.
  • Unenchanted helmet.
  • Sword in a chest. It adds the Sword to the Cuirass chest (Windward Ruins). And removes it from the water. Includes the original Esl/Esp and the Unenchanted Helmet version. All with my fixes included.
  • HD red hair.
  • Female helmet no hair.
  • Male weight sliders.
  • A beautiful one handed sword added to the Helmet chest (Graywinter Watch). The Sword of the Loch.
  • Scabbard for the original two handed sword.
  • Female weight sliders - More feminine version.
  • HD Brown hair.
  • HIMBO version added, many thanks to Urbon.
  • Shiny armor version.
  • Fixed the one handed sword plugin.
  • Blond hair color added to the Miscellaneous Downloads.
  • Added Blue, Black, Brown, Green and the original Red skirt colors. All with improved HD alpha channel and 4K-2K options.
  • Only the ESP and ESL files were updated. With a weapon material fix (many thanks to BlackJusticar for the heads-up).
  • Miscellaneous Swords Recolor file added (made by christos, thanks for sharing!).


I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it. :)

- LE version here.

Especial thanks
  • To Billyro for the scabbard model used as base.
  • To christos for the swords recolor version.
  • To 4thUnknown of course, for his wonderful work as always!

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