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Add the Immersive Sounds - Compendium footsteps sounds to the AE - CC Armor.

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Adds sound from Immersive Sounds - Compendium to the following armors:

  1. Indoril Armor
  2. Her Hand Armor
  3. Golden Saint Armor
  4. Dark Seducer Armor
  5. Madness Armor
  6. Amber Armor
  7. Lord's Mail
  8. Crusader Armor
  9. Reforged Crusader Armor
  10. Imperial Dragon Armor
  11. Storm-Bear Armor
  12. Vigil Enforcer Pack (Normal, Sashed, Corrupted, Corrupted Sashed, Veteran, Silver Hand)
  13. All 14 Alternative Armors
  14. Netch Leather (Normal, Boiled, Boiled Painted, Dark, Dark Boiler)
  15. Spell Knight (Iron, Steel, Ebony)
  16. Remnant Armor

The sounds that they were assigned are as following:

Heavy Plate Footstep:
  • Indoril
  • Her Hand
  • Golden Saint
  • Madness
  • Crusader
  • Imperial Dragon
  • Vigil Enfocer Pack
  • Daedric Plate
  • Iron Plate
  • Orcish Plate
  • Dwarven Plate
  • Spell Knight Set (Iron, Steel, Ebony)
  • Ebony Plate
  • Silver
  • Daedric Mail
  • Stalhrim Fur

Armor Plate Footstep:
  • Dark Seducer
  • Amber
  • Steel Soldier
  • Elven Hunter

Full Chain Footsteps:
  • Reforged Crusader Armor
  • Dwarven Mail
  • Remnant

Chain Plate Footsteps:
  • Storm-Bear
  • Lord's Mail

Leather Footsteps:
  • Orcish Scaled

Light Leather Footsteps:
  • Netch Leather (Normal, Boiled, Painted, Dark, etc)
  • Leather Scout

Dragon Plate Footsteps:
  • Dragon Plate
  • Dragonbone Mail
  • Studded Dragonscale
Feedback is welcome about the sounds, FOMOD Update:)

Please let me know if I missed any Heavy or Light armor from the Creation Club.