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Transform Skyrim's tundra into a more realistic one by removing most trees

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Mostly Treeless Tundra

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This mod transforms Whiterun tundra into a biome more similar to real-life tundra by removing most trees (fallen trees are unaffected). This mod is provided in two versions:
- Basic: All trees removed: Pines, Tundra Driftwood, Reach Trees, Shrubs, Ferns.
- Pines Only: Only removed pines, the rest is unaffected

Hard requirement: None. All necessary changes from USSEP are forwarded but USSEP isn't a requirement.
Soft requirement: Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD. This mod doesn't provide lod so you will need to generate it yourself.

This mod edits Whiterun tundra which includes areas surrounding the city so there are potential conflicts with Whiterun exterior overhauls. Generally, letting this mod lose the conflict should be enough but you might need to do some conflict resolution. There are also possibilities of floating objects due to mods sticking objects to trees. Report these in the bug section if you find any.
- Load this mod after HappyLittleTrees.esp if you use it (conflicting beehive placements)

nftyrant for the gorgeous screenshots
people in discord who encourage me to publish the mod
xedit team for sparing me from having to use CK for this mod