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OP Bow Collection and Anti-Dragon Harpoons of DEATH.

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This is a straight port provided as is. I will not be providing running support as I am pre-occupied with other projects. I have done a small first pass edit to make it SSE compatible but that is all. In my testing the file worked as intended so it should be good to go.

When fighting dragons I always thought that the arrows in the game never looked like they would even get through the scales, and that some beefy "harpoon" type projectiles were in order. In that vein, this mod adds multiple types of giant anti-dragon arrow, craftable from the forge, they are as follows;

Steel Siege Arrows
Craftable in sets of 5, requires "steel smithing" perk

Dwemer Siege Arrows 
Craftable in sets of 4, requires "dwarven smithing" perk

Orcish Harpoons 
Craftable in sets of 3, requires "Orcish Smithing" perk.

Ebony Dragonsbane
Super powerful Ebony siege arrow, as expensive as they are deadly, requires "ebonysmithing" perk.
Also craftable from the forge, a hench bow to fire your new HENCH arrows from:

Dragonslayer Bow

A giant and super powerful bow, takes a very long time to draw due to its immense size.  Go to a Forge and look under the "Steel" section for the recipe, dont let that fool you though, your gonna need more than just a few steel ingots to craft this beast.

The bow comes in 2 flavours: Black, and Steel.

You can also add a scope, courtesy of Outlaw666 and his no.1 endorsed scoped bow mod.

This requires a scope upgrade kit that can be crafted at the forge.

You can add the scope and the paintjob to any version of the bow at any time assuming you have the required perks and ingredients, just go to the forge. 


I feel that I should clarify some things about the upgrade mechanic. First of all, the mod is written so that you can only craft and upgrade 1 Dragonslayer Bow. If you have any iteration of the Bow in your inventory then the recipes that would allow multiple bows will not be available, likewise the recipes for each stage of the upgrade have conditions applied to them so they will only show up in the crafting menu If you have the previous level in your inventory.

For example:

If you have no version of the bow in your inventory you will only have the recipe for the  " Dragonslayer Bow"

If you have the " Dragonslayer Bow", then the recipe for the " Dragonslayer Bow MkI", the "Steel Plated Dragonslayer Bow", and the "Scoped Dragonslayer Bow" will become available, and so on and so forth etc... 

This system is there for balance and to avoid adding unnecessary clutter to the crafting menu, as this mod adds 20 recipes (More like 30 in the N2T version).

Of course, If you want to have 10 companions armed with Scoped MkII's then you are welcome to crack open the esp with Tes5edit to get the item codes, thats strictly DIY tho ;)


1.Download the Mainfile

2.Drag and drop all files into your "Skyrim/Data" directory.

3.Activate the ESP 


Known Bugs:

For reasons unbeknownst to mortal man, If you go to your inventory and drop any of the bows they do strange things, like spawn 25 feet from you 
inside a wall, or generally get stuck in geometry, and if you try to drop them in an open worldspace cell then sometimes they just disappear completely. I dont know what is causing this, exactly. So my advice is dont drop them! You can put them into any container and give them to anyone, that all works fine. Generally most people will never encounter this bug unless you want to use Jaxons re-namer, that requires you target the object outside the inventory window.
In the Miscellaneous section of the downloads page there are some meshes that attempt to fix this, or i should say they fix it in interior cells, but the
problem still persists in open worldspace cells.

So in conclusion: dont drop the bows! 

If you know how to fix this im all ears.

Assets are free to use as long as credit is given and you link back here.
No re-uploads to other sites without my express permission!


For inspiration and collaboration on the Steel textures in 1.4:

Restitutor Orbis  -

For allowing use of fantastic steel cubemap texture from the equally fantastic "SkyRealism Shiny Armour" mod, and for providingan example of how to make proper metal EV mapping with the aforementioned mod:

MTichenor -

Seriously, go here and download his mod:

For allowing me to use assets from his super-heavyweight-champion-no1-most-endorsed "scoped bow" mod:

Outlaw666 -

Check out his mod, it adds scopes to every vanilla and dlc bow in the game, screen-archers rejoice!! XD